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Sprint Reply is the Reply group company specialised in Intelligent Process Automation.

Our mission is to create automation platforms capable of solving concrete business problems, supporting our customers in the transformation towards the Intelligent Enterprise and the adoption of a scalable and efficient Digital Workforce. In Sprint Reply we combine an execution oriented engineering approach with strong experiences on 4 technology families, Robotic Process Automation, Computer Vision & ICR, AI & Machine Learning and Process Mining, dedicating constant attention to R&D on various Artificial Intelligence issues.

Intelligent Automation Framework

Sprint Reply has designed the Intelligent Automation Framework, the architectural blueprint at the base of every Enterprise Automation implementation, born from the union of Artificial Intelligence and RPA platforms and traditional System Integration.


Enterprise Automation Loop

Automation brings its true value the moment it starts to scale: from a single initiative to a complete programme, capable of understanding complex data, spanning multiple business areas and managing significant volumes. For this to be sustainable within large organisations, automation must be constantly monitored and measured to verify its correct operation, compliance with process SLAs, and the impact of automated activities on overall processes. RPA technologies alone are not enough, they must be supported by other complementary solutions, giving rise to a virtuous cycle of automation at the Enterprise level.

Research & Development

The market and technologies in the field of Intelligent Process Automation are constantly and rapidly evolving. In addition to a permanent scouting activity of the most promising AI solution vendors, our R&D activity is based on the constant and pragmatic study of methodologies, techniques and devices with high potential for application to real and concrete use cases in three main technological areas.
Depth Camera 0

Depth Camera

Depth and infrared cameras to enable advanced algorithms of pose estimation, tracking or occupation of spaces, collecting images without biometric recognition elements while respecting privacy constraints



Neural networks applied to vision and auditory sensors to interpret body language and gestures, tone of voice and emotional aspects to make interaction with robots more natural



Recognition of handwriting, verification of handwritten signatures, semantic segmentation and natural language processing. “Whitelabel” neural networks to be customised on specific datasets and integrated into customer automation workflows

Data for business

White Paper

Data Maturity Assessment

In times of disruptive competition and shortening product life cycles, data is the core of any competitive business strategy. Data Reply and Sprint Reply have developed a profound approach for companies to gain control over their own processes, systems and data to establish a data strategy with a focus on economic benefit.


Best Practice

Intelligent Process Automation: Financial Crime Regulation

Incremental financial crime regulation is adding significantly to the costs financial institutions must bear, driving a need for solutions which reduce costs without compromising risk management and regulatory compliance. This is driving heavy investment in technology-enabled controls and compliance processes.

Intelligent Process Automation Financial Crime Regulation 0

Integrate your Chatbot with Salesforce and Zendesk

By leveraging the power of the Twilio Flex platform, Sprint Reply can integrate a new or existing chatbot solution with live chat. Through this model, we can capture specific customer information from the automated conversation and pass these key attributes through to your agents within either Salesforce or Zendesk.

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The State of Intelligent Process Automation

What is the state of Intelligent Process Automation within the European market?

Fill in our survey and get a free IP assessment of your business processes.

10.08.2021 / Agile Automation


Agile? Never heard of it.

I highly doubt that's the case for you - as you can see below, the Agile framework has been trending, surpassing the Waterfall model in recent years. Let's put our preconceptions of this buzzword aside and delve deeper on the remarkable synergy between the Agile framework and RPA.


Best Practice

Humanoid Robot: Our Experience with Pepper

By combining technology and brand experience, Sprint Reply has transformed Pepper, the robot produced by SoftBank Robotics, into a real social robot, capable of conversing, learning from interactions, reacting to emotions, and being used as a customer engagement tool.

Humanoid Robot Our Experience with Pepper  0



Extend your chatbot across multiple channels with live chat

Chatbot technology has been crucial for helping our customers continue to deliver high quality customer service whilst dealing with common challenges such as increased customer demand, and reduced capacity to manage customer queries.

Extend your chatbot across multiple channels with live chat  0


Best Practice

Identity validation through documents

For many companies, being able to validate the identity of customers in the shortest possible time is essential to their business. Typically, this is an expensive activity that is often outsourced. Sprint Reply has used a mix of Computer Vision, Neural Networks and Intelligent Character Recognition to address this problem.


Best Practice

Automating expense reports with intelligent vision

A monotonous and repetitive operation such as entering expense reports can be automated with a simple photo. A practical, real-world application of technology for Intelligent Process Automation.


Best Practice

automating the reading of paper forms

To this day, the insurance, banking and financial sectors continue to make extensive use of paper forms. The new Intelligent Character Recognition technologies make it possible to rethink and automate the management of these documents.


News & Communication

Sprint Reply and ABBYY, a collaboration for process automation

ABBYY®, global leader in content IQ solutions and technologies, announces Sprint Reply, specialized in Intelligent Process Automation, as its Gold Certified Partner for the creation of innovative solutions in the field of process automation.




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