Renewable Energy Communities

Sense Reply helps energy companies and citizens maximize the potential of Energy Communities: a key tool for a more sustainable future

The challenge

As we face the evolving landscape of energy transition and technological advances, energy demand continues to grow. Notably, electricity consumption in Europe is expected to increase by 60% between now and 2030. This is mainly driven by the increasing electrification of consumption as well as the prevalence of distributed generation. However, Europe’s current electricity infrastructure — one of the largest and most resilient electrical grids in the world, supplying electricity to millions of people — struggles to keep up with the increasing demand for energy.

In response to this challenge, the European Commission emphasized, during a press conference on November 28, 2023, the pressing need for a significant investment of €584 billion by 2030 to modernize the European electricity grid. This underscores the urgency for innovative and forward-looking solutions to relieve the strain on our grid while seamlessly advancing energy transition initiatives.

The solution

In response to these new challenges, approved European directives enable consumers (the European Commission's Energy Communities Repository), citizens' associations, organizations, and businesses to transition into prosumers by generating a portion of their required energy. Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) are at the forefront of this transformative change and serve as a key tool for decentralizing energy production and reducing grid stress during peak consumption hours.

An Energy Community is a collaborative alliance of users working together to generate, consume, share, and effectively manage energy derived from renewable sources. In compliance with current regulations, Energy Communities must have at least one newly constructed renewable facility. Thanks to their distributed nature, Renewable Energy Communities offer a sustainable, community-centered approach to energy production, where optimal benefits are realized when consumption occurs at the same time as production. Legislation has already been approved at European level, and institutions such as the Politecnico di Milano predict 40,000 active Energy Communities in Italy alone by 2025 (Electricity Market Report, 2022).

The nature of Renewable Energy Communities also raises new issues:

  • Determining the optimal community configuration to maximize benefits;
  • Monitoring the community's progress to implement corrective or preventive measures;
  • Ensuring the fair distribution of benefits among community members while verifying compliance with the regulations’ stipulated conduct.

Sense Reply supports big Energy & Utilities companies with the design and implementation of IoT community management solutions to harness the business value associated with this initiative while enhancing operational synergy and success.

Sense Reply builds solutions that are modular, scalable, highly configurable, and easily adaptable to customer specifications, key features for leading companies in this field. Leveraging the Reply IoT Platform Accelerator (RIPA), our solutions are developed to encompass the key features of an IoT platform, at both "edge" and "core" levels. Perfectly integrated with diverse business applications within customer ecosystems, our IoT Accelerator (RIPA) ensures evident time-to-market and cost benefits.

Capitalizing on numerous ongoing global projects, Sense Reply guarantees:

  • Implementation strategy support: We offer advisory services for Energy Communities, supporting our customers with the implementation of supervision, control, and management systems for Energy Communities;
  • Integrated IoT solutions: Our cutting-edge IoT solutions effortlessly integrate field devices, including smart meters from community members' facilities, e-vehicles charging stations, renewable facilities, and any other distributed energy resources (DERs). This integration improves operational efficiency and provides valuable information for informed decision-making;
  • Implementation of a complete solution for REC management and optimization: We support our customers in the development, definition and implementation of the best technology solutions tailored to them, starting with our suite of RIPA accelerators. Thanks to some prestigious partnerships, we can also support customers in the selection and implementation of market solutions, taking care of the customization of some additional features, as well as full integration within the customer's application ecosystem. The goal is to ensure optimal performance and provide advanced control and forecasting tools, enabling REC managers to make informed decisions and increase overall business value.

Why Choose Sense Reply

Sense Reply's expertise in formulating optimal technology strategies for big Energy & Utilities companies, particularly in the area of energy flexibility, including Demand Response programs, will help you maximize the benefits of Energy Communities initiatives. Our core expertise includes strategic platform design, tailored implementation for specific use cases, and skilled governance support, ensuring smooth project and program management. Sense Reply is the strategic partner that ensures success in navigating the complexities of large-scale projects.

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