Next generation e-mobility as a key model for sustainable transportation

Sense Reply offers constantly evolving e-vehicles charging solutions in the public and private markets

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The challenge

From small and medium-sized urban centers to large cities, the need to use and increase e-mobility is on the rise. How can this be done? By adopting and developing e-mobility ecosystem integration solutions. Achieving decarbonization in the global economy requires a radical shift within the transportation sector. This involves managing a significant penetration of private, public and commercial electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, public transport electrification, electric micro-mobility and corporate fleet electrification.

The solution

Sense Reply's IoT platforms are the best and most reliable solution for the ongoing interaction between drivers, service providers and charging unit infrastructures.

Sense Reply builds the technology that unlocks new business opportunities by leveraging IoT and smart mobility solutions, supporting customers in E-Mobility programs for the Energy & Utilities and Automotive sectors, CPOs, eMSPs, and other players in the e-vehicles charging market.

We provide support and advice on e-vehicles charging infrastructures management and processes. We advise on e-mobility ecosystem integrations with cloud platforms for CPOs (Charging Point Operators) and other players in the Energy & Utilities and E-Mobility markets (e.g., DSOs, TSOs, eMSPs, and energy communities).

Our solution offers the cloud integration of charging solutions via standard E-Mobility protocols or edge gateways, as well as the customization of e-vehicles charging management systems for CPOs. We also offer E-Mobility roaming, billing and tariff management services, the implementation of smart charging strategies, and dynamic charging applications, as well as integrations between DSO/TSOs, energy resources, and energy communities.

Our solution can also be found in the AWS Marketplace at the following link: Sense Reply E-Mobility Accelerator..

Why choose Sense Reply

Sense Reply supports big companies operating in the Energy & Utilities, Smart Mobility Telecommunications, and Smart Cities sectors, helping them define the best technology strategy to govern all charging device integration processes (more than 50 models are supported). It also designs flexible and scalable IoT solutions for CPO and eMSP charging infrastructure management, ensuring maximum interoperability between market players thanks to new platforms and E-Roaming protocols. This is achievable thanks to Sense Reply's key skills, which make it possible to not only design and implement platforms according to their specific use cases, but also to support the governance of complex projects and programs.

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