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The challenge

Gas, electricity, and water Network Operators meet several critical challenges in the management and monitoring Smart Grids. One of the main issues is the integration of distributed resources which requires advanced sensors, communication networks, and data analytics to provide visibility into the performance of the Grid. Another challenge is the need for real-time monitoring and control at scale of the grid to quickly respond to changing conditions. This requires the adoption of IoT and Edge technologies to improve the observability and reliability of assets, decentralize key applications and functionalities, and overcome the challenges of digitalization, electrification and decarbonization. Additionally, Network Operators must also deal with the challenges of IT/OT convergence, Zero Trust, and the need for increased flexibility and automation.

The solution

Smart Grid solutions are technologies that enable the efficient and reliable management and distribution of energy, water, and gas resources. They use digital communication, automation, and data analysis to optimize the performance of the grid and the services it provides. A fully functional and enterprise grade IoT Platform can enable businesses to collect vast amounts of data in real-time. This allows them to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions, manage smart device remotely, and run applications in Edge. ML/AI techniques can allow businesses to unlock the full potential of the vast amounts of data collected through IoT devices, leveraging the insights generated from the analysis of data. Furthermore, Computer Vision solutions make it possible to support human operators with the Artificial Intelligence to conduct daily work more safely and efficiently. Smart Grid solutions, based on Sense Reply’s IoT Platform Accelerator (RIPA), help electricity, gas, and water Network Operators overcome the challenges of digitalization, electrification and decarbonization. Smart Grid solutions are designed to be flexible, scalable and interoperable. These solutions are built on a modular architecture, allowing Network Operators to add new features and capabilities as their needs evolve. They are not mere technology solutions, but also business solutions. They help Network Operators optimize their activities, reduce costs, and increase revenues.

Our Smart Grid solutions offer Network Operators several benefits, including:

  • The integration of more renewable energy sources into the grid, such as solar, wind, and hydrogen, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels;
  • The provision of real-time information and feedback to consumers and suppliers, allowing them to adjust consumption and production according to changes in demand and supply;
  • The ability to enhance the security and resilience of the grid, preventing or minimizing power outages, blackouts, and cyberattacks;
  • The reduction of grid operation and maintenance costs, improving the profitability and competitiveness of utilities;
  • Fast implementation phase, thanks to the RIPA framework that provides configurable business logics and data models;
  • Leading Edge solution based on the IoT Gateway for device connectivity, an AWS validated solution;
  • Wide set of best practices and integration protocols thanks to Sense Reply's expertise and experience in the IoT domain;
  • No limits or constraints to customization and personalization thanks to the modular, extensible, and virtualizable platform architecture;
  • Fast implementation of additional features and services thanks to AWS managed services and RIPA components;
  • Efficient maintenance, thanks to the common features and the AWS cloud infrastructure.

Why choose Sense Reply

Sense Reply offers technical and digital consultancy to support clients with IoT/Edge adoption, use-case definition, Zero Trust, and IT/OT convergence strategy, as well as system integration services for the creation of IoT/Edge platforms and Smart Grid business solutions using their Accelerator. Sense Reply facilitates the transformation process, helping customers with different offerings and services throughout the digitalization stream. Leveraging the expertise gained over many years in the Energy & Utilities sector, Sense Reply is able to actively participate in the transition of its customers. As a Technical Advisor, it offers a range of services and it can operate for its customers as a System Integrator.

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