Sense Reply is the Reply Group company specialising in end-to-end IoT solutions to support the transformation and decarbonization of the Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications and Smart Cities sectors.

Sense Reply supports leading companies in these industries to evolve their business models, processes and ICT architecture to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).
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    Defining new business models, products, services and processes based on the new IoT paradigms.


    Strategy and architecture design for the implementation of IoT platforms to support the entire enterprise. Definition and governance of the implementation of new business capabilities.

  • IOT

    Ability to configure advanced IoT platforms and integrate them with complex architecture, to build new business applications.


    Design and installation of sensor ecosystems, gateways and communication networks. Minimising the impact on existing systems, using both commercial and proprietary solutions.

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Smart Grid

Our solution for Smart Grid on AWS Marketplace

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IoT DevOps Suite

How Sense Reply Enables Large Energy and Utilities Organizations to Manage IoT Platforms.

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Smart Metering

Our solution for Smart Metering on AWS Marketplace


Sense Reply is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and has achieved AWS Energy Competency status. With a proven track record of successful project implementation using AWS technologies, Sense Reply is able to provide support for energy monitoring and optimisation, energy aggregation, microgrid management, electric car management, smart metering IoT, renewable energy generation monitoring and optimisation, and more. Sense Reply relies on its IoT Accelerator to speed the implementation of Industrial IoT Solutions for large enterprises, enabling customers to reduce the cost, time and risk involved in transforming their processes and designing and launching new products and services. The IoT Accelerator builds on AWS capabilities, including AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass, and is ready to be integrated with the new AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS IoT Event and AWS IoT Things Graph services.

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