Edge Orchestration



The approach of Edge Computing is currently pushing applications, data, and processing services to the edge of the network. Within this landscape, streamlining orchestration in IT organizations becomes crucial as it enables faster service management and improved resource management, resulting in cost reduction. To meet the new scalability and security challenges posed by advanced applications such as IoT and Smart City, a shift from a centralized to a distributed model is necessary.

Customer Benefits

1. Performance Improvement and Cost Reduction: IoT devices typically have capacity limits, and processing in remote data centers incurs bandwidth costs for data transmission. Edge computing allows data to be collected from various sources, unified as needed, and processed directly on-site;

2. Data Segmentation: Edge computing enables data segmentation according to regulations in different jurisdictions. By keeping data internally without an internet connection, the likelihood of compromise by malicious agents is reduced;

3. Reduction of Latency and Jitter: Execution near the physical data generation location, rather than through transfer to a data center and back, reduces latency and jitter;

4. Improved Security: Locating data and processing at the edge can enhance privacy, security, resilience, and protection, contributing overall to reliability. Data localization keeps them private within the security boundaries defined by the specific application;

5. Task Processing Separation Based on Requirements: Deployment flexibility allows separating tasks that require quick execution from those that take more time.

For example, training an artificial intelligence model can occur in the data center, while the algorithm's inference phase (the actually useful phase) can happen in real-time at the computing edge, near the device controlled by the algorithm.

Some Use Cases


NET Reply offers certified expertise and partnerships with industry leaders in Edge computing, including Suse. This partnership allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions and a clear vision of the edge landscape and cluster orchestration.

In the modern scenario of continuous evolution, choosing among different solutions can be a complex process. With our consultative approach, we guide the client through detailed feasibility analyses, helping them select the best solution that fits their specific requirements. Once the ideal solution is identified, NET Reply guides step by step in the design phase, ensuring that every aspect is studied to maximize the efficiency of the edge environment. Additionally, NET Reply is capable of successfully implementing solutions, including cutting-edge tools like Rancher and Harvester. NET Reply also offers post-implementation support to resolve any issues and ensure the operationality of the edge infrastructure.

In addition to providing consolidated solutions, NET Reply is ready to explore and define new use cases, ensuring that the infrastructure is always at the forefront and constantly evolving.

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