Connect to the future to take the path of evolution

Net Reply

Net Reply is the company of the Reply Group that offers Telco and Large Enterprise a wide range of solutions to innovate the network


We allow our customers to compete effectively in the market thanks to the adoption of best-of-breed technologies and flexible and scalable network virtualization solutions, able to guarantee the control of performance and indicators of service quality and user experience.

Net Reply invests continuously in innovation and know-how in the following areas of technical and business competence: New Generation Operation Support Systems, Software-defined Networks & Virtualization, Network Data Center, Fixed and Mobile Network Architecture, Network Data Analytics & Automation, Network Slicing and other 5G and IoT solutions.

Thanks to these specific skills, we work in all the industries that need to improve the performance of the telecommunications network, supporting infrastructure and enabling 5G scenarios and the next standard adoption.

The future is today and starts from the network!


We carefully select our people with a marked vocation for innovation and who want to compete in a young and constantly evolving environment.