"The huge release ensured wide acceptance"

Corinna Möcklinghoff, head of the RPA team in the division LIFE , Gothaer Versicherung


"There are good IT projects, there are very good IT projects and there are Macros Reply projects." Thomas Neusiedler, CEO, Helvetia Insurance Austria, emphasizes what makes the cooperation between Macros Reply and Helvetia successful. Macros Reply has supported Helvetia in the introduction of Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Input Management and other technologies, thus enabling the acceleration of numerous processes.


"Thanks to automation, we have already been able to save 40.000 hours of work per year. Next time, we'll be happy to do it sooner." Carsten Langhammer, Head of Competence Center RPA, Gothaer, explains why Macros Reply is the right service provider for Process Automation for Gothaer. With Macros Reply's integrative approach, Robotic Process Automation became an integral part of the company in the long-term.

Financial Services

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Automation of digital processes at Helvetia

Macros Reply has supported the insurance company Helvetia in the introduction of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and thus enabled the acceleration of many processes. As a result, a software bot that takes over recurring routine tasks is now part of Helvetia's daily business.

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Anchoring RPA in the long-term

Thanks to Macros Reply's integrative approach, the insurance company Gothaer has not only succeeded in introducing Robotic Process Automation, but also in ensuring the long-term success of this technology within the company. Decentralized RPA teams in the specialist departments and a central Center of Competence are now successfully deploying around 30 software bots.

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Macros clients at a glance

Discover our clients relying on Macros Reply products and solutions:

Barmenia Versicherung • Baloise Gruppe • BHW/Postbank • Condor Versicherung/R+V • Helvetia Versicherungen • Landesamt für Finanzen Bayern • L-Bank • Merkur Versicherung • Münchener Verein • Rheinland Versicherung • VR Leasing • WWK Versicherungen

Macros eWorkplace

Case Study

Landesamt für Finanzen

Since the middle of 2016, applications for subsidies in case of sickness and other situations for public officers in Bavaria are being processed completely digitally. This process is based on PublicSuite by Macros Reply which in turn is based on Macros eWorkplace. A well-prepared tender, state-wide project coordination and active change management were the success factors for this complex digitisation project.

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Macros eAkte

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WWK Versicherungen

WWK Versicherungen successfully introduced new standards using the workflow and industry specialists at Macros Reply. The changeover opened up a range of additional efficiency-increasing methods to the insurance company.

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Electronic Mailbox

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Münchener Verein

The electronic inbox, which can be configured flexibly, significantly reduces lead times.

It really stands out, especially due to the fact that it enables the departments themselves to determine how their distribution policies are set and changed. The Macros Reply solution will be rolled out gradually across the Münchener Verein group of companies.

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Macros eWorkplace

Case Study

Helvetia Versicherung, Austria

Austria’s Helvetia Versicherungen AG has comprehensively digitised its departmental processing with the help of Macros Reply.

Whether post, fax or email – upstream scanning of post, electronic files and inboxes allows identical processing, regardless of the medium.

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Actions and e-dossier system

Case Study

Baloise Versicherungen

With the new actions and e-dossier system implemented by Macros Reply and an extensive re-organization, Baloise Versicherungen has significantly increased efficiency, provides greater customer and service orientation, and shorter processing times.

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Digital Mail Box & eFile

Case Study

Landeskreditbank Baden-Württemberg

Coordinated collaboration between several administrators presents immense rationalization potential. To do so, a dossier with the appropriate documents must be reliably transferred from one workspace to the next or entered into the hold dossier. Macros in-box and e-dossier Manager provided employees at L-Bank with an extensive spectrum of features for efficient processing.

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Macros eFile and Mail Box

Case Study

Barmenia Versicherung

A key component for the Barmenia insurance group’s success is a modern IT infrastructure to support and secure processing steps. Barmenia initiated a multi-year IT project with Macros Reply. The archive with more than 10 million documents was migrated to EMC Centera from jukeboxes.

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RPA with Macros Reply

Case Study

Helvetia Versicherungen, Austria

Simple manual processes tie up many resources. Macros Reply has automated these for Helvetia Austria with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Thanks to a solution with UiPath, customers now also benefit from faster responses.

Helvetia Versicherungen, Austria