Reply has assisted Vittoria SPA in the development of the application that allows enthusiasts of all cycling disciplines to access and benefit from the services of Vittoria Park.

The application that gets everyone on the track.

Client: Vittoria.
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Vittoria Park is a brand-new facility inaugurated by Vittoria SPA, one of the global leaders in bicycle tire manufacturing, located near its headquarters in Bergamo, Italy.

The Park is dedicated to all disciplines of cycling: numerous are the routes, facilities, and services made available to its visitors. A decision by Vittoria that is linked to innovation and digitalization: from ticket purchasing for entry to the Park to bike rentals, from 2D map viewing to booking impactful experiences with qualified Vittoria personnel, all guided by a few simple steps available on smartphones!

It is in this way that Vittoria entrusted Reply with the creation, from concept to development, of a mobile application that tells the story of the Park and guides its visitors in the digital purchase of tickets and services.

Vittoria and Reply, who have already collaborated on e-commerce projects, find themselves together on the track again, ready to undertake a new digital challenge!

The needs and technological choices

From concept to development for applications on Apple and Android, Reply has collaborated and followed Vittoria to define together with this large company a modern yet simple to use technological solution. Information about the structure, access, and purchase of services offered in the Park are digital and easily accessible through the app, available in two languages: Italian and English.

Among the various features available on the APP, users can register with the Vittoria world, access the Park's opening date calendar, make reservations and purchase different types of tickets, take advantage of bike rent, consult the interactive map, the tracks on the tracks and the services provided in the Park! The purchase in the APP generates a QR Code to be scanned at the Park's entrance turnstile, for direct access to the structure. The Park was designed to be cashless, so the application is useful not only for staying updated on the new features offered by the structure but also for purchasing its services.

We have implemented the solution leveraging the capabilities of the Headless Architecture supported by the back-end of Adobe Commerce, a product that Vittoria has chosen as an engine for its own B2C and of which Reply has been an expert and partner for years, and a hybrid technology (Ionic Framework) for the development of the mobile application front-end.

This combination of technologies allows agility, flexibility, and speed of the product, even in terms of future updates of the functionalities.

The App published on the Apple and Android Stores is also rich in editorial content that is fed thanks to the CMS of Adobe Commerce.