Selecting the mix of tools to maximise results


Not all channels are effective for every situation or every context in which the business operates. Discover the characteristics and the main features of the most widely used communication tools in digital performance marketing activities.

During the planning of a digital marketing campaign, Like Reply devotes a great deal of attention to selecting communication channels that will be used for communication with the target audience.


Not all tools are effective for every situation or every context in which the business operates. Each channel has its own characteristics, which you will discover.

Search engine optimisation activities are an ideal tool for generating clicks and conversions on the website, proving effective in both B2C and B2B contexts.


This characteristic is closely linked to the possibility of capturing the target audience at the moment in which they are consulting a search engine for their own needs, and therefore specifically when they are typically paying attention to the results and any relevant messages.


By adopting a series of features through the tool and spreading the message of the advertisement, Like Reply is able to communicate the brand, product or service, offering the user the most coherent possible response to their search.

Display advertising enables us to actively convey a message to an audience that is potentially relevant for the client. According to the configuration chosen the Like Reply team targets the investment, based on the company's needs, towards a wide audience, typically in campaigns aimed at raising awareness, i.e. more profiled and adapted audiences with the aim being conversion.


If the interest lies with a returning user or one who has visited the website previously, Like Reply configures retargeting campaigns. For this type of audience, one of the most interesting opportunities is personalising the banner with relevant content showing, for example, the last product they put in the cart but did not purchase or a product that complements one they have previously purchased.

To our mind, the mobile channel is not only essential for digital planning, but is also a way of delivering campaigns thanks to the unique characteristics that the device offers in terms of targeting and advertising formats.


With smartphones and tablets, one can use creative marketing techniques that are interactive and engaging, and which exploit sensors like the touchscreen, the accelerometer and the gyroscope. This characteristic can be exploited to create high-impact campaigns that aim at visibility and engagement with the user.


The other unique characteristic of mobile devices lies in the fact that people use their own smartphones while on the go and throughout the course of the day. We are therefore able to capture the target audience both in proximity to a point of interest and based on the places they have already visited.


With this solution, the mobile channel becomes an attractive one even for clients who have physical points of sale and who are interested in increasing and measuring in-store traffic.

The social network channel guarantees an important presence in locations where the audience participates in building brand awareness. Nevertheless, the evolution of such places means Like Reply can also consider them appropriate in performance marketing campaigns.


The functionalities of popular social media such as Facebook and Linkedin offer the option of profiling by social demographic, interests and type of company, to name but a few examples.


The advertising formats themselves have become lead generation tools, which the team uses for situations where they want to simplify and optimise the user's conversion journey.


For brands, the Like Reply team activates exclusion strategies for those who are already customers as well as expansion to lookalikes of these with the aim of boosting planning efficiency.