Digital Marketing with Print Mailings

Like Reply uses Oracle Eloqua to organise offline mailings for companies in cooperation with Deutsche Post


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Why are letters still important in business?

Print mailings attract attention

Although online marketing measures are much more present today than those in the offline world, they should not be underestimated. This is because traditional print mailings can ideally complement e-mailings and reach customers who have not opened an e-mail or have not read it carefully. A letter or postcard, on the other hand, arouses a lot more attention from the customer – especially if they receive a personalised postal mailing at the right point in the customer journey.

linking the online with offline world with Oracle Eloqua

Print mailings are primarily sent by companies to premium customers, suppliers or potential new customers, so the right service is crucial.

With Oracle Eloqua, Like Reply offers the possibility to send fully automated and personalised print mailings, and not only to one but to several thousand contacts. Like Reply helps companies to reach customers at exactly the right point in the customer journey.

What is Oracle Eloqua and how does the Integration of Print Mailing work?

Like Reply provides the interface between Oracle Eloqua and Print Mailing. Irrespective of whether it's a newsletter, product information or acquisition: The team of experts designs the right campaign to reach target groups optimally with print mailings. The contact persons at Like Reply look forward to receiving your enquiries.

Oracle Eloqua is the top-rated B2B marketing automation platform. It enables users to effortlessly implement sophisticated marketing strategies across multiple channels in order to target shoppers in a personalised way.

Print Mailing Automation, which was developed by Like Reply in cooperation with Deutsche Post, triggers direct mailings via marketing automation platforms such as Oracle Eloqua. This allows companies to reach end customers individually.

What does Oracle Eloqua offer regarding Print mailings?


Behaviour- and company-related data of target groups from various sources can be created, filtered and segmented for print mailing campaigns


Dynamics that trigger personalised mailings enable the creation of print mailing campaigns

Lead Scoring

Automatic lead scoring (online & offline) is updated synchronously across multiple campaigns, communication channels and business areas


A study conducted in Germany in 2020 discovered that there is a positive correlation between a customer's orders and their response to print mailings: the more orders a customer has placed, the more likely it is that they will respond to print mailings. With the help of Oracle Eloqua, the experts from Like Reply can target end customers of companies based on different activities and actions.