Discover how Vittoria, specialized in B2B sales of high-performance bicycle tires, successfully transitioned to a D2C business model thanks to Adobe and Like Reply amidst the challenges of digitalization.


Customer: Vittoria

Vittoria, a world leader in the production of high-performance bicycle tires, is a B2B-oriented company that traditionally relied on national distributors and brick-and-mortar retail to reach consumers. With the rise of online competition, Vittoria has decided to adopt a D2C sales model to directly approach its customers, without however damaging its own sales network.

To support this process, Vittoria has chosen Like Reply as a trusted partner for the digitalization of sales logic and the creation of an e-commerce solution that respects channel balances. Like Reply has provided e-commerce and product consulting, helping Vittoria outline the profile of potential customers and create a customized and flexible technical and architectural solution.

Thanks to the collaboration with Like Reply, Vittoria now has a website,, which fits well both as a brand showcase and as a B2C and B2D2C e-commerce platform, respectively in the US and Italy, and which has allowed it to reach new customers and maintain a solid sales network.


The website is based on Magento (Adobe) Commerce, selected by Vittoria to power their B2C efforts, and employs Headless architecture, facilitating agility, flexibility, security, and speed, as well as providing scalability and a streamlined future roadmap. To emulate the experience of native apps on mobile, Like Reply implemented Progressive Web App technology for the site's front end, significantly enhancing mobile navigation.

Moreover, to address the limitations of the Magento-PWA solution, Like Reply augmented the Magento Page Builder, delivering to Vittoria a product that merges the benefits of PWA/headless UI with those of a CMS-driven UI.