FCA dealer digital program


Transforming the relationship between dealer and user and using digital channels as a lead generation tool is the challenge the FCA group faced with the Dealer Digital Programme.

The project, which has been live for over two years, has seen FCA partner with Like Reply to develop the first portfolio of digital advertising services for the car dealership network, managed centrally by a single agency.

The challenges

  • THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL: combining the goals of an international company with local needs
  • LEAD GENERATION: generating qualified leads in a sector where the process of purchasing goods is still tied to the physical world
  • DRIVE TO STORE: it is essential to guide the user from the ad to the store, to view and test-drive the car

Increasing lead generation
In a first step, the dealer sites were designed and developed, then integrated with the central system and aligned with the look & feel of the FCA brand. However, the sites also include innovative engagement tools, such as the automatic updating of stock and national promotions, and the integration of after-sales and chatbot services. Search advertising, display advertising and social advertising services were progressively rolled out to generate qualified traffic and value-added leads to the websites. Thanks to these services, each dealer can decide which advertising services to use, purchasing them directly from an FCA online store managed by Reply. Each service can be customised by dealers based on their specific needs, using master templates to manage banner layout and keywords.


With the activation of Dealer Digital Advertising services and the increase in FCA dealers' activities on digital channels, it was necessary to identify additional ways of measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing activities. In addition to the classic web form tracking system, a call tracking service was added, managed by an external provider to track leads from the telephone channel. These tools have been integrated with the new Google Ads Store Visits feature, which makes it possible to identify users who land on a store thanks to a displayed advertisement, and this allows FCA to measure the impact of paid advertising.


  • +56% lead generation in 2018 compared to 2017
  • +100,000 store visits in Italy and Belgium
  • +900 dealers adhering to the programme