Approach to performance marketing


The success of a performance marketing campaign relies strongly on correctly understanding and interpreting the client’s business and needs.

Like Reply is well aware of this and that's why the team addresses the requirements of performance marketing based on a typical consulting-style methodology.


The approach Like Reply propose to their clients consists of four macro phases.

The first step in the creation of an effective performance marketing campaign involves the collection and analysis of all the key information from the business: its activity, the sector in which it operates, and the objective it wishes to achieve. Aside from the business context, Like Reply extends the assessment to encompass data from the website, such as the monthly trend of visitors, their geographical location, the most visited web pages and their conversion rates. Other information worth tracking relates to the marketing and advertising activities carried out up to that point with the relevant data obtained, as well as the virtual place for collecting customer data.

The results of the assessment enable the Like Reply team to structure an effective communication strategy in line with the client's ultimate objective. Once goals, targets and reference contexts have been defined, they then select the communication channels most appropriate for communicating with the audience segment that has been identified. Not all channels are effective for every situation or every context in which the business operates. The channels the team includes in the planning are among those typical for digital media marketing activities, such as search, social media, display (both in prospecting and in retargeting), mobile and e-mail. Nevertheless, the channel mix will be personalised and the creative strategies Like Reply requires will be designed to maximise the results of the KPIs determined in parallel.

Once the investment plan has been agreed, Like Reply takes care of the steps required for launching the project – from the technical set-up of the platforms to the implementation of the tracking system, enabling the theam to get a full picture of the results. Like Reply wants to reach users in the most appropriate and fundamental ways, but they also need to communicate the right message. To do so, the team creates guidelines for the creative agency so that it has all the information necessary for producing the materials to be used. The goal is to adapt the message based on the communication channel so as to stimulate interest among the audience and guide them towards taking action.

Like Reply places particular attention on monitoring and optimising the results, all the while evaluating the direct and indirect impact of the specific activities planned. To do so, the Like Reply team also adopts attribution models that differ from the classic "last click", in order to exhaustively identify the contribution made by each individual channel. There is a pre-established sequence to sharing the results, but the team also proposes data visualisation solutions with the use of personalised dashboards. The optimisations Like Reply implements concern both the individual channel (for example modification of a target audience or of a campaign setting) and the allocation of the budget in an "intelligent" way so that it favours the channel or channels that are contributing the greater share to the overall results of the campaign.