LEA Reply™ Resource Planner enables the optimal allocation of resources in a warehouse or production environment, configuring executional process models and building schedules to meet key operational and productivity metrics. Interactive dashboards enable fast and simple monitoring of activities.


To compete in today’s labor market it is critical to find the right balance between productivity goals and employee flexible scheduling needs.

Designed to support logistics processes for both manufacturers and distribution companies, LEA Reply™ Resource Planner enables the optimal allocation of resources in a warehouse, human or automated (such as High-Bays, Multishuttle, robotic preparation areas), building agile schedules to meet different stakeholder needs and key productivity metrics. It takes into consideration the productivity of resources available based on attendance calendars, resource capacity and proficiency.



  • Process Configuration: definition of related activities to be performed sequentially or in parallel, with specified dependencies and set time.
  • Calendar Configuration: definition of business calendars with general shift configurations, site working hours and holidays.
  • Resource Configuration: assignment of skills, proficiencies and agendas, according to shifts and leaves, to human and technological workforce.

Planning & Scheduling

  • Planning Overview: planning of activities to be performed and the necessary effort, according to order volumes and predefined processes.
  • Planning Macrosteps: Definition of planning steps according to 3 macro areas: Wave Selection, Planning & Activity Definition & Scheduler Integration
  • Scheduling: distribution of work against available resources, according to activities to be performed, shifts and resources agendas. The system also highlights activities that cannot be scheduled with the current workforce, so that amendments can be made if necessary.

Control Tower

  • Control Tower: Monitoring of workforce schedules to uphold required service levels and take corrective actions where needed. The Control Tower allows users to get a visible and intuitive summary of relevant information about the warehouse, related activities, resources and efforts from different, customizable dashboards. This allows the monitoring of resource plans in real time against operational metrics to ensure service levels are met or, if necessary corrective measures can be implemented.


LEA Reply™ Resource Planner offers the following benefits:

  • Intelligent Planning: Optimize resource allocation through a Planning & Scheduling algorithm that leverages an AI-based constraint solver
  • Better Service Levels: Plan expected workloads and determine the number of resources required to complete activities, avoiding delays or missed deliveries
  • Cost Savings: Smoothly distribute activities and assign resources, plan for overtime, temporary staffing, avoiding peaks and misallocations
  • Support Operations: Support and track operational activities, matching future demand, defining the expected executional plan
  • Resource Control: Immediate overviews of the availability of resources and their allocations
  • Improved Visibility: Monitor activities and their progress, quickly identify anomalies to re-plan the workload


On-demand logistic solution

LEA Reply™ is warehouse management, visibility, scheduling, cross docking, smart tracking and point-of-sale logistics.