LEA Reply™ Dropship facilitates the use of the drop shipping model for e-Commerce shipments. It coordinates and oversees the entire cycle, from the supplier request, preparation of the order, packaging of the products and handoff to the courier. The solution can also manage after sales services such as home installations or pickups. The entire e-Commerce logistics process is effectively managed and monitored using dashboards, KPI charts and real-time notifications.


Drop shipping is an advanced e-Commerce technique that enables suppliers to prepare and ship products ordered by the end customer. This model, which has seen increasing application, guarantees considerable benefits, including:

  • A broader product range available on the e-Commerce site
  • Lower warehouse logistics costs
  • Fewer stock shortages
  • Reduction in financial flows, with products purchased from suppliers only after their sale

The application of the Drop shipping model introduces a more complex and intricate interaction with suppliers and couriers. A careful organisation is therefore essential for maintaining the quality of the shopping experience without sacrificing KPIs related to the punctuality and completeness of deliveries. LEA Reply™ Dropship is the perfect solution for taking advantage of the benefits offered by this model, without reducing quality and control. The cloud solution offers strong advantages within a model in which tens to hundreds of suppliers and couriers are involved and tightly integrated. LEA Reply™ Dropship is a simple and convenient solution for suppliers to adopt, and it offers various levels of integration: from complete system-system integration using web services, to a lighter collaboration based on a Web portal. Graphical KPIs and dashboards make it possible to guarantee the efficiency of the process and monitor order fulfilment activities, facilitating an integrated view of the progress of Drop shipping orders, as well as those handled using internal logistics.



  • Order fulfilment: Careful management of the progress of order fulfilment activities, according to a configurable workflow of states
  • Track & Trace: Functionality and integration for managing Track & Trace updates on the e-Commerce Portal
  • Supplier management: Structured organisation of the supplier base connected to the internal organisation based on purchasing centres and product categories
  • Courier management: Centralised integration with couriers, ensuring a consistent service and centralised cost management
  • Supplier integration: From a simple manual integration through a Web portal, to a fully integrated solution with the supplier’s WMS based on Web services


  • Inventory visibility: allows the supplier to provide information on available inventory, and LEA Reply™ Dropship updates the e-Commerce platform
  • Partial shipments: rules to enable partial order fulfilment
  • Supplier collaboration: internal chat system for communicating with suppliers - category management, both for specific orders and in broadcast mode (with all suppliers or with configurable supplier groups)
  • Carriers and shipping methods: structured management of couriers and shipping methods with automatic generation of tracking URLs for each shipment
  • Integrated interconnection with shippers: automatic generation of tracking numbers, shipping label printing and the printing and/or dispatch of the goods manifest
  • Invoicing: invoicing of accounts payable via EDI integration
  • Scheduling of deliveries and management of additional services: supports the scheduling of a specific delivery date/time for products that are delivered by appointment. Also facilitates the management and tracking of additional services (for example, installation of the new product and/or collection of the product being replaced)
  • Returns management: management of the returns process with the returned products sent to the supplier or the designated warehouse
  • Customer Service Management: user profile and visibility intended for customer support personnel with transversal display of information by product category and cost centre


LEA Reply™ Dropship offers the following benefits:

  • Complete integration between retailers and third party suppliers with inventory management
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of orders
  • Single WMS and Drop shipping platform with integrated dashboard
  • Ease of integrating new sellers
  • Seller performance indicators
  • Broader product range available on the e-Commerce site
  • Lower warehouse logistics costs
  • Fewer stock shortages
  • Reduction in financial flows, with products purchased from suppliers only after their sale


On-demand logistic solution

LEA Reply™ is warehouse management, visibility, scheduling, cross docking, smart tracking and point-of-sale logistics.