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Virtual and Hybrid Experience.
Reach your audience anywhere, offer unique moments
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Cloud solution for the management of live events and on-demand videos. Allows you to organise an unlimited amount of video content and distribute it through corporate web properties (corporate websites, landing pages, mobile apps, social media, etc.).

The solution can be tailored to any type of event: corporate or consumer, press conferences, fairs, congresses, meetings, webinars. The flexible infrastructure evolves in tandem with technological developments, is based on AWS Elemental MediaLive which guarantees television quality streaming and a level of efficiency in terms of coding and distribution of end-to-end video content, for any device.


The infrastructure is integrated and brandable for any type of format.

We offer a complete service for organizing live streaming events, from directing and broadcasting on corporate channels, to building a complete WebTV platform.

Professionals who possess broad expertise in the world of broadcasting and video technology, continuously research new and updated solutions.


A complete TV-quality streaming service, from directing to broadcasting on corporate endpoints, Corporate TV Channel. Professionalism, high know-how in the broadcasting and video technology sectors, continuous search for new solutions to fully cover the media management offering.
A robust CDN ensures that you can deliver your content quickly, secure and effectively to a large audience for a more smooth streaming experience.



The all-in-one live streaming platform built for brands

Digital transformation strategies set new standards for measuring customer satisfaction. The solution guarantees a high-quality video experience for a multi-device and multi-channel content strategy equipped with publishing and content delivery tools for online media & publishing companies, brands & retail, training & e-learning and corporate communication to offer on-demand, personalised, and engaging digital experiences that improve engagement and interactions with customers on all devices and touchpoints.


Flexibility and efficiency in an integrated solution with a complete toolset that simplifies all stages of the event lifecycle. The end-to-end features allow you to plan, promote, execute and analyze any event format, for any type of audience, all over the world.

You can customize the entire brand experience in every point of interaction with the audience and launch TV-grade live videos.




The solution is designed around innovative technological assets for multi-channel streaming in both VoD and Live mode. The editorial tool is based on the Discovery Digital Asset Manager system for the distribution of multimedia content and provides the highest security standards both in access control (authentication) and in transmissions (protocols and security tests).

The content search tool allows quick retrieval of information by title, speaker, description, keyword, creation date and tag and viewing of multimedia content grouped by topic.

The solution is full-custom and can be customized according to customer needs with:
Choice of engagement tools such as Chat, Q&A, Voting, Polling
Custom analytics for audience tracking
Professional video quality streaming and Video intelligence to support all integrated features
Control of contents and ROE of a live event or video experience on demand


Start to innovate.

Our streaming is powered by AWS Elemental MediaLive for cloud-based broadcast-grade video processing, delivering live channels in minutes. The service encodes video in real time, compressing live sources into high quality streams.
The cloud offers solutions to improve scalability, efficiency and productivity, always at the highest performance.
We produce broadcast-quality live streams for advanced audio and video capabilities for events and live 24/7


Video Platform & Live streaming

Multi-editorial system and fully customizable UX design for live and on-demand content

Collaboration Tools to reach your audience globally and in real-time with live chat, pools, ...

Easy upload and multi-format video support adaptable for any needs, with speech-to-text translations

Control dashboard for real-time tracking and analysis of events trends


Broadcast to any size audience, anywhere in the World.

The Discovery Video Platform is designed around three concepts: quality, security, and flexibility.

An ecosystem of different web applications (tenant) that allows Companies to involve their employees, partners, dealers in live or on-demand events such as seminars, training sessions, interviews, round tables and much more.

All the video experience you need to build your branded TVchannel and guarantee a flawless viewing on any device, via any connection, worldwide.


Inspire your audience with seamless Video and Audio delivery.

Our Platform is your go-to partner for providing online video services: VOD, Live events, White Label Multi-Device streaming, CDN delivery, DRM content, Podcast and much more.

The solution includes end-to-end features, fully managed and controlled from a single Content Management System (CMS). You can create different front-end, by means of out-of-the-box widgets customized for the single applications you need, with different features and for different audiences.


AI Learning and machine translation.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to amplify how video-on-demand content is used with the automatic transcription function from listened to written form.

Speech-to-Text technology allows for automatic generation of captions, providing better accessibility to content on an audience that struggles and/or is unable to follow a conversation, especially in a language other than their own.

The Video Platform has also extended the search feature by applying keyword search to audio and video alongside textual data.

The Speech-to-Text learning model is trained based on specific characteristics that are included as metadata. This system, in addition to improving the user experience, allows acquiring advanced insights into the behaviour of the viewers.


Reach your users wherever they are.

The platform provides engagement tools in order to stimulate participants to interact and contribute to the discussion live. The chat can be configured as a Q&A tool, by allowing the audience to submit questions to the speaker and share it live.

Reporting and Analytics.

The Video Platform tracks participant interactions in real-time, it generates a dashboard with detailed analysis, data and insights on behaviours, engagement and activities such as Time statistics, real-time measurement of viewers connected to the vod or live and Total users for sessions during the event. It is also able to provide Localization, a group of users by their geolocation data, Connections by device and Users Interests during their online browsing and purchasing activities and many other useful data to track the video-experience interactions.


Make grow your organization contacts.

In order to foster networking, we have developed a proprietary business speed dating format that allows planning face-to-face interactions in a casual or controlled manner, offering the opportunity to meet online and activate new relationships during the event or series of live meetings.

The participants will interact in videoconference mode, by freely exchanging comments and opinions related to the event or the round table, or by sharing information and best practices related to their business.

This innovative methodology applied to companies was created to promote knowledge between companies and facilitate business, expanding the network of contacts, both in terms of acquiring new customers or suppliers, and regarding the activation of partnerships or collaborations useful for the aggregation and development of business networks, a critical element for any type of B2B meeting, convention and other presentation moments.

Ready to make podcasts part of your marketing strategy?

We have experience, technologies and resources to manage and distribute your podcast project.

Discovery Reply ™ Multimedia Platform is the content hub where you can both create your content and share experiences, offering your audience even more ways to interact.

You can choose to use your web channels or create a page on your site, embed a single episode or even distribute your podcast on your platform of choice. We already have all the tools you need to make it happen.

Experimenting with a more direct conversation channel will help you connect better with your audience but also reach new audiences on your favourite platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google and Spotify.


The listening experience is always at hand and the key to success lies in the ability to constantly work on schedules that are capable of fuelling interest. Our team of experts can support you in all this, providing technological solutions, content and engagement strategy to manage and distribute your podcasts directly, simply and securely from the same platform, you use for your streaming.

Full-custom podcasts with different customization options, thanks to a wide choice of ready-to-use player widgets. All the content elements (choice of title/author, graphic cover, date, programming order texts, links, etc.) can be managed and adapted to the design of your brand. The solution is cloud-based for fast implementation and constant updating always aligned with the latest technologies and able to provide real-time data and statistics on your listening performance to know exactly which parts of your audio people listen, reproduce and love more.


Protect video content and users.

The Platform defines controlling the level of security and viewer access to content.

You can define the list of users who will have entered the event, upon first access (single sign-on), each authorized user can set the password through an activation procedure with a Verification Code.

Authentication of users takes place through the Amazon Cognito service which supports data encryption in transit. Amazon Cognito is compliant with HIPAA and complies with PCI DSS, SOC, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018 and ISO 9001.


Discovery Platform


    Power your communication across all channels from a single centralized hub.



    Manage your product catalog for e-commerce, partners and customers.



    Streamline creative and marketing processes improving time-to-market.



    Make your communication more engaging on digital and interactive displays.



    A next generation API-first CMS to create, manage and publish your content online.