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Unlock the potential of Generative AI with Data Reply UK, the definitive experts in the field. Our experience and knowledge place us at the forefront of this technology, providing end-to-end solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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Generative AI

Case Study

Data Reply Accelerates &Facts's Content Production Using Generataive AI on AWS

UK-based &Facts, chooses Data Reply to implement the next-generation of tools for their customer, primary e-Commerce and Direct to Customer brands, to communicate better and faster with their customer and to gain a steady competitive advantage on the competition.

Data Reply Accelerates &Facts's Content Production Using Generataive AI on AWS 0

Generative AI


Optimising AI Efficiency with Amazon Bedrock

Explore Generative AI with Large Language Models: leveraging Bedrock, AWS' user-friendly API, for efficient business applications and tech advancement.



Advanced Business Intelligence Solutions

Step into the future with our sophisticated Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and services, designed to power breakthroughs and elevate your business performance.



Democratising Data With Amazon DataZone | Data Reply

Discover the transformative power of Amazon DataZone with Data Reply UK, a proud AWS launch partner. Explore how this innovative AWS solution enhances secure data-sharing, data management, and empowers businesses for data-driven decision-making.

Democratising Data With Amazon DataZone | Data Reply 0



Data Reply MLOps Accelerator

Data Reply’s MLOps Accelerator is an innovative framework designed to streamline, operationalise, and effectively manage the entire ML lifecycle on AWS. By integrating MLOps best practices and leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Amazon SageMaker, this solution empowers businesses to enhance productivity, optimise resources, and expedite time to market for their machine learning projects.

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Generative AI



SpellML, powered by Generative AI, is the revolutionary co-pilot designed to give you conversational access to your business knowledge.


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Data Mesh

White Paper

Data Mesh, ESG and Leveraging Pyramid Analytics

In today’s world, the success of a company is not measured solely by its monetary benefit. Shareholders also pay attention to the externalities of a business such as its environmental footprint, social responsibility, and inclusion. All these metrics and externalities can be defined and measured under a big umbrella named ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance).

Data Mesh, ESG and Leveraging Pyramid Analytics 0


Breaking The Chain of Illicit Finance

Utilising network CLIQUE detection for anti-money laundering. 

Synthetic Data


How Synthetic Data Is Revolutionising Industries

Revolutionising Industries with Synthetic Data: How Industries are Leveraging this Game-Changing Technology

Data Visualisation

Case Study

Showpad Chose Data Reply for Amazon QuickSight Migration

Showpad wanted the whole company to make more and better use of data. It worked with Data Reply to migrate to Amazon QuickSight. Staff now have wider access to important data, create reports 3 times faster, enjoy stronger security, and can run queries in natural language.

Data Mesh

White Paper

The Data Mesh Whitepaper

Innovative data architectures have been gaining traction as businesses are modernising their Data platforms to become more data-driven organisations; Data Mesh is a key component of their path towards data democratisation and business agility.

The Data Mesh Whitepaper 0



Car Damage Recognition

The identification and classification of car damages is a manual and costly process for any business to manage, incurring substantial operational and employee costs. Automating this process using our accelerator mitigates this problem.

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Market trends suggest that customers are now demanding and expecting faster time-to-market, and a better customised experience. Our Intelligent Document Processing solution aims to tackle this by automating the identity verification process.



Case Study

Indicia Worldwide and Data Reply Reduce Data Model Development and Deployment Time To Weeks Using AWS

Indicia Worldwide helps global brands improve their customers’ experience using data, machine learning, and AI to fine-tune marketing campaigns, improve retention, and drive new customer growth.

Data Mesh

Best Practice

Data Mesh As A Modern Data Platform

Data Mesh can help you to democratise data and move data ownership closer to the teams who work daily with that data. Modularity and flexibility bring you speed an reduces time-to-market for new solutions. 

Migration and Modernisation

Best Practice

Microsoft SQL Server Migration and Modernisation to AWS Data Services

Organisations are choosing to migrate Microsoft workload to public cloud. Public cloud is rapidly becoming imperative for businesses that need to deliver more than what on-premises IT infrastructure and resources can. Each organisation's journey to cloud will be different based on its unique business needs and strategy.

Migration and Modernisation

Best Practice

Modernising Legacy SQL Server Data Warehouses with AWS

Traditional Data warehouses are not designed to support new data sources - unstructured data, voice, text, streaming data - They have monolithic architecture and on premises infrastructue that are costly and difficult to maintain and scale. Datawarehouse modernisatiion enables the data warehouse environment to meet quickly changing business requirements.

14.07.2022 / AI & ML


Accelerating the Machine Learning Lifecycle with MLOps

An invitation-only event to explore typical challenges around machine learning productionnalisation and scaling and how MLOps helps to accelerate time to value and improve ROI on ML.


Best Practice

The Data Governance Imperative

Discover how organizations can ensure their data is secure, compliant and trustworthy and why it matters in today's world.



Best Practice

Advanced Analytics with Amazon Quicksight

Organisations increasingly strive to become more data driven in their decisions and need to improve data literacy for all their employee’s reducing dependency on IT and data scientists. They also look to gain efficiency by moving to the cloud, increasing ability to provide self-service analytics in a secure, scalable, and cost-efficient way. A number of latest innovations and improvements make Amazon QuickSight even more attractive option for organisations of all sizes.


White Paper

Scalable solutions for Smart Monitoring Applications

Smart Monitoring Applications play a central role for predictive maintenance and other Industry 4.0 scenarios. This Data Reply white paper shows how to leverage MLOps with Seldon and Kubeflow for successful deployment and to create value adding industrial use cases.

Scalable solutions for Smart Monitoring Applications 0


Best Practice

CCASE - Contact Centre Analytics Service Experience

In an effort to better understand customer queries, minimise call transfers and improve the productivity of your Contact Centre, Data Reply developed CCASE. CCASE is a Contact Centre ‘accelerator’ that relies on AI-powered service to provide automated quality and enhance the service experience for customers, managers and agents.

CCASE - Contact Centre Analytics Service Experience 0


Best Practice

Cloud Native HTC & Algorithm Modernisation: Financial Services

In contrast to traditional HPC/HTC, cloud-native HTC fully leverages the on-demand resource elasticity of the cloud and existing robust performant cloud-native services - reducing costs, improving scalability, agility and business flexibility. Reply and AWS work with a number of financial services customers to help them accelerate their HPC/HTC journey to the cloud and drive innovation with algorithm modernisation.


Best Practice

Automated Virtual Proctoring

With the rise of online learning, and restrictions on traditional in-person proctoring due to COVID-19, many organizations are looking to conduct online exams in a scalable way implementing virtual proctoring solutions supported by AI & ML. Discover Data Reply approach on Virtual Proctoring leveraging AWS serverless technologies and AI /ML services.

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In Data Reply's latest podcast, Fabio Ardossi, Partner at Data Reply, welcomes Megi Hoxha (Levi Strauss & Co.) and Sunny Gill (dataiku) for a fireside chat about how to effectively use data science and artificial intelligence to solve real business problems.


Case Study

Accelerating AI Adoption During the Pandemic

The Client, one of the world’s largest global apparel brands, has embarked on a mission of becoming a “digital apparel company”, staying at the forefront of AI innovation to optimise its processes and improve customer experience. To address this challenge the client turned to Data Reply, who could provide a team of specialists augmenting the client’s internal resources to deliver necessary support and accelerate time to value.

Accelerating AI Adoption During the Pandemic  0


Best Practice

MLOps Capability Assessment and Advisory

As companies gain more experience and business value from AI and ML, the adoption of AI and ML is gathering pace that leads to new challenges. Data Reply, works with customers to help them with ML foundations, its productionisation and operationalisation utilising Amazon SageMaker, other Amazon technologies that provide the most comprehensive set of components, tools and automated services for ML.

MLOps Capability Assessment and Advisory 0


News & Communication

Data Reply Achieves AWS Machine Learning ML Ops Competency Status

Data Reply, specialized in the design and implementation of advanced analytics and AI-powered data services, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Competency status in the new Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops) category.


News & Communication

Reply signs an agreement with AWS to develop industry solutions

Reply, specialized on new communications channels and digital media, announces today it has signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop industry solutions for Financial Services, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Energy, and Telco customers.


News & Communication

Data Reply Achieves AWS Machine Learning Competency Status

Data Reply, specialized in the design and implementation of advanced analytics and AI-powered data services, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning (ML) Competency status. This designation recognizes Data Reply for enabling data scientists and ML practitioners with tools to take their data, train predictive models and make predictions on new data.



Data-Powered Security

Join Data Reply's webinar and find out more on Big Data and Machine Learning models to be applied to cyber/physical security.



The State of Intelligent Process Automation

What is the state of Intelligent Process Automation within the European market?

Fill in our survey and get a free IP assessment of your business processes.

The State of Intelligent Process Automation 0


Best Practice

Media Streaming Service: An ecosystem for real-time data insights

Media-on-Demand Businesses are competing in a field where seamless customer experiences are essential. For a client Data Reply designed and implemented an event-driven set of services providing real-time insights. This enabled a variety of valuable business and analytics use cases.

Media Streaming Service An ecosystem for real-time data insights  0



Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) for Insurance

In this webinar Data Reply first gave the fundamentals of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and its application to increase the efficiency, productivity and compliance of business processes.

17.06.2020 / Fully Digital


Aws Summit Online 2020

Join the AWS Summit 2020 the new fully Online Edition. Hear about the latest trends in cloud during the Opening Keynote of Werner Vogels, CTO by, and dive deep in 55 breakout sessions across 11 track. Meet REPLY at the Virtual Booth and discover the latest expertise on AWS Technology about: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT and Industrial Software.


Case Study

Monte Titoli: advanced analytics & Machine Learning on AWS

Storm Reply and Data Reply supported Monte Titoli to define and develop the adoption strategy of Cloud architectures, governance of resources and Machine Learning models.

Monte Titoli advanced analytics & Machine Learning on AWS 0

Quantum Computing

Case Study

Quantum inspired algorithms for Enel

Data Reply has developed a quantum algorithm that allows you to quickly plan the maintenance work performed by units operating throughout Italy. The solution also makes the use of resources more efficient, thus reducing costs. This algorithm brings added value to Enel's business by supporting the multinational in its decision-making process, with a high impact on planned daily activities

Quantum inspired algorithms
for Enel

machine learning

Case Study

Guarantee the quality of the grinding process

Lavazza chose Amazon Web Services as its cloud platform and Reply, AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to support them in the adoption of machine learning models on AWS. Lavazza worked with Reply to design a product which could fit their needs to predict the results of the tests performed on the production line to guide their operator’s activities.


News & Communication

The new Italian Aws Region

With the launch of the new AWS Region, placed within the Italian national territory, a set of major benefits may be leveraged by companies and institutions. First of all, a series of regulation and organizational constraints regarding the cloud adoption, are accomplished with costs comparable to those of other European regions.


Data Reply provides solution on AWS Data & Analytics stack and ML stack. We build valuable data products starting from raw data sources and we provide a strong expertise in building machine learning and AI models on the AWS platform. Thanks to the multiple projects up and running in the AWS cloud environment and to a team with 50+ AWS certifications, we have built a deep experience in designing, implementing, and managing Data and ML applications on the AWS platform.


Validation Framework

Best Practice

We heroes portal

The service designed to boost your brand’s impact. Now more than ever, we are committed to help essential workers who are making a difference giving them a fast and reliable access to daily benefits.

We heroes portal

computer vision

Best Practice

Distance tracking against COVID-19

Considering all the recent advancements in computer vision in terms of processing algorithms and AI models, we consider them directly applicable for coronavirus monitoring: AI can help to process images coming from digital cameras, identifying peoples’ profiles and behavior, ensuring the respect of social distancing and personal protection equipment usage.

01.06.2020 / English Language


How can NLP help business?

The applications of Natural Language Processing range from optimal search solutions and product recommendations to personalized chat bots and feedback analysis. During this webinar you learned how this technology can help your business.

AWS Cloud

Case Study

Getting Cloud and ML into the DNA of Nexi

Data Reply enabled Data Analysis and Machine Learning on AWS Cloud for Nexi, the largest Italian PayTech Company, bringing quantity and quality of data and leveraging Artificial intelligence-based technologies, resulting in major impacts in customer’s capabilities in areas like Fraud, Risk Management, Marketing and Operations, in a safe and compliant way.

Getting Cloud and ML
into the DNA of Nexi 0

Human machine interfaces

Best Practice

Assessing car damage with the use of Image Recognition

Data Reply has developed a framework based on Deep Learning techniques, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing capable of classifying input data, such as the photos taken by appraisers and the repair data recorded by car repair shops.

Assessing car damage with the use of Image Recognition 0

05.05.2020 / English Language


Let's Make a Chatbot

During this Webinar Data Reply used Amazon Web Services to build a chatbot experimenting and connecting with different technologies to demonstrate the potential a chatbot could bring to your business.

29.04.2019 - 02.05.2019 / London


Strata Data Conference

Data Reply takes part in Strata Data Conference where big data's most influential business decision makers, strategists, architects, developers, and analysts gather to shape the future of their businesses and technologies. Data Reply will be deep-diving into emerging big data techniques and technologies.

Data science

Best Practice

Thousands of new products: when to order and how many?

Defining the optimum quantity of the product to be ordered becomes a more complex issue whenever we are faced with a situation involving a lack of information, as is the case with a first order. It may be effective here to have a tool that can recommend the proper “sell-out” quantity, configured before the product is launched on the market.

Thousands of new products when to order and how many? 0



An Approach to Device Cross-Linking

In this blog post, our senior data engineer, Dr Christos Hadjinikolis, will walk through a brief tutorial on record linkage : the task of finding records in a data set that refer to the same user across different data sources (e.g., data files, books, websites, databases).

28.04.2020 / English Language


Graph Analytics and their applications

Graphs are powerful data-structures that represent tangible relationships between entities in a variety of domains. Their intuitive nature allows for the manifestation of insightful visuals, which often aids the extraction of insights that would otherwise be very difficult to isolate. Data Reply explores the area of Graph Analytics, discussing theoretical aspects, practices (ways of working with graphs) and practical applications.

24.04.2020 / Automation


Overcoming the challenges of intelligent automation with Data Reply

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software is the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market. It’s easy to see why. Intelligent Automation (IA) and RPA tools automate repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing up employees to do more high value work.

Churn Framework

Best Practice


Limit churn and enhance customers satisfaction through real-time personalization

Find out everything about Data Reply's churn framework!


03.07.2019 / The Data Incubator


The Data Incubator Experience

Our Data Scientist, Ashley Mason, shares his experience at the The Data Incubator (TDI), an intensive 8 week data science bootcamp held in the US, aimed at PhD and MSc STEM graduates looking to develop expertise in data science.

12.06.2019 - 13.06.2019 / London


Reply at AI Summit 2019

Reply takes part in the AI Summit 2019 event on 12-13 June 2019 in London. See practical ways of how businesses can take advantage of AI.

09.06.2019 - 11.06.2019 / London


CogX 2019

Data Reply attended the festival of AI and emerging technology at CogX London 2019 where over 500 industry, government and academic experts cover AI's most important topic areas.


Best Practice

Data management and data discovery services GDPR compliance

Data Reply supports customers in the design and implementation of data platforms that aim to enhance and capitalise on corporate information assets. Data Reply introduces the theme of personal data protection within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into force in May 2018.

25.03.2019 - 27.03.2019 / Milan


D-Wave Europe “Qubits” Users Conference

The event is organised by D-Wave. Reply will co-host the event. Data Reply, specialising in Big Data, Machine Learning and AI, will be at the D-Wave Europe “Qubits” User Conference, from 25 to 27 March 2019. The aim of the conference is to share knowledge regarding the applications developed and used by D-Wave users in Europe.

Big Data Analytics

Case Study

Big Data Analytics for Automotive

Data Reply is supporting CNH Industrial in a project aimed at collecting and analyzing telematics data coming from industrial vehicles, enabling the company to anticipate customers’ needs and offer customized after-sales services.

Big Data Analytics for Automotive  0

University Events


Data Reply in Universities

Data Reply participated in Data Bites at City University of London and Data Science Challenge at Queen Mary University of London.

University event Nov 2019



Integrating Slack Alerts in Airflow

In this blog post, our senior data engineer, Kaxil Naik, will walk through a brief tutorial on how to integrate Slack with Apache Airflow. This allow sending alerts to Slack on task failures.


Best Practice

4 Ways RPA Can Reduce The Impact Of Brexit Uncertainty

As the twists and turns of Brexit continue, businesses are once again left wondering what sort of changes they should be preparing for, and how they will react to those changes when they come into effect.

13.11.2018 / London


Python Streaming Pipelines with Beam on Flink

Data Reply hosted another meetup for Apache Flink's community, this time focusing on the Apache Beam project. The 40 participants had the opportunity to take a look at Python Streaming on the Apache Flink runner and further applications.

25.04.2019 / London


Managing Flink on Kubernetes & How to contribute to Apache Flink

In this Meet-up session, we had a joint talk on how to contribute to the Flink open project and managing Flink using Kubernetes.

03.04.2019 - 04.04.2019 / New York


LTV Conference in NYC

Data Reply participates at the LTV conference in New York, a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) event in North America.

25.10.2018 / London


Clickstream Processing at the Financial Times

Data Reply hosted a meetup at the Financial times with a total of 85 participants learning about Clickstream Processing using Apache Flink and other frameworks.

20.09.2018 / London


The First Apache Airflow Meetup in London

Data Reply creates a Meetup group for anyone who wants to learn about or share what they know about Apache Airflow. Attended by 50 eager participants, this first meetup opened the door to a robust and collaborative Apache Airflow community.

08.10.2018 / Award

News & Communication

Data Reply is Cloudera "EMEA Machine Learning Partner of the Year 2018"

Cloudera has awarded Data Reply, specialist for Big Data Solutions & Advanced Analytics methods within the Reply Group, the "EMEA Machine Learning Partner of the Year 2018". The award recognizes partners who develop and implement outstanding solutions that help customers gain valuable insights into their business and derive actionable measures from data.

22.05.2018 - 24.05.2018 / London


Strata Data Conference 2018

Data Reply takes part in the Strata Data Conference in London, with a speech presenting a case study from the automotive industry.

Big Data

Case Study

Geospatial Optimization & Benchmarking using Big Data

Data Reply supported Dstl, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, in evaluating options for processing large geospatial datasets and providing an evidence-based evaluation of six relevant Big Data technologies.



Citizen Developer Training

The current partnership between Data Reply and Dataiku offers exceptional value and capabilities to customers. It enables Data Reply to offer officially recognised Dataiku Training, with both classroom and digital offerings. We have already provided excellent training for a British multinational conglomerate, where hundreds of employees were upskilled in Dataiku and ML concepts. Additionally, the company has supported an American retailer on multiple ML use cases such as demand forecasting and price optimisation.

Citizen Developer Training 0