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Integrate our MLOps solution accelerator effortlessly into your workflow and unlock a streamlined experience. Say goodbye to complex infrastructure tasks, reduce operational costs, and deploy ML models faster. Our platform not only optimises resource usage but also focuses on driving business value: from significant cost savings and accelerated time to market to addressing major pain points like tedious infrastructure management and lengthy model deployment. Experience a solution that’s tailored for both efficiency and profitability.

Opportunity at Data Reply

As the EMEA's 2022 SI and Security Partner of the Year, Reply boasts:

12 AWS Competencies, 14 AWS Service Validations, and participation in 7 AWS Partner Programs. Furthermore, Data Reply is proud to be a launch partner for AWS's MLOps competency.

Having worked alongside premier global brands across diverse sectors, Data Reply has pioneered an MLOps Accelerator. This innovation has been endorsed by AWS MLOps Solutions Architects through the AWS MLOps partner enablement programme, solidifying our position as a trusted AI ML partner..

A Look at The Benefits

MLOps Platform Efficiency:
Implementation reduced from 1 year to just 3 months.

Speedy Time-to-Market:
Instantiate an ML sandbox in hours instead of days and deploy ML models 70% faster.

Optimised Model Focus:
Data scientists focus on improving models, leading to an 8x reduction of FTEs for producing ML models.

Quality Assurance & Monitoring:
Ensure top-notch quality while monitoring for ML model drift.

Enhanced Collaboration:
Better cross-team collaboration with a smooth and clear transition.

Targeting a 75% CO2 emissions reduction by leveraging managed services.

ML Modernisation & MLOps at Indicia Worldwide

Indicia set a goal to standardise and amplify their ML capabilities on AWS, aiming to enhance productivity, repeatability, and market response time. In response, a consulting engagement was initiated for MLOps Capability Assessment, leading to a series of actionable recommendations. As a result, ML models were constructed and rolled out via a unified CI/CD Pipeline. This streamlined approach brought about a substantial 60-70% decrease in the time required to transition from model development to production deployment.

Watch the full case study to dive deeper into the transformation journey.

Data Reply is the Reply Group company that offers excellent Big Data and Artificial Intelligence services. We operate across most industries and business functions in order to support executive-level professionals and Chief Officers to harvest value from data. We build Data Platforms, define and implement ML and AI models in an efficient, replicable and scalable way, by relying upon human resources highly skilled in Big Data Engineering, Data Science and Intelligent Process Automation. Always active on innovations, we are applying Quantum algorithms to support the optimization of processes with high computational needs.