Data Reply provides solution on AWS Data & Analytics stack and ML stack. We build valuable data products starting from raw data sources and we provide a strong expertise in building machine learning and AI models on the AWS platform. Thanks to the multiple projects up and running in the AWS cloud environment and to a team with 50+ AWS certifications, we have built a deep experience in designing, implementing, and managing Data and ML applications on the AWS platform.

We support our customers in collecting, storing, governing, and analyzing data at any scale, helping them evaluating and using the right tools and best practices to develop innovative ML and AI algorithms and make the most from their data.



Artificial Intelligence

Best Practice

Pioneering the future of Generative AI with AWS

Lead the charge in the AI revolution with Reply's Generative AI solutions powered by AWS technology.

Pioneering the future of Generative AI with AWS

AWS Migration

Case Study

MAN Truck & Bus: Cloud migration to AWS

Services for fleet managers that facilitate vehicle maintenance, repair and management – this is a key focus area for MAN Truck & Bus. For flexible, cost-efficient analyses, Data Reply migrated the B2B vehicle manufacturer's on-premises data lake to the AWS Cloud.

MAN Truck & Bus Cloud migration to AWS  0

Demand Forecasting

Best Practice

Demand forecast POC in a box from AWS & Reply

Forecasting Demand is a core process in retail and other consumer products businesses with a direct impact on Customer Experience and the business bottom line. Reply works with a number of global apparel brands, retailers and consumer goods companies on Demand and Sales forecasts at global, regional and local levels, including individual stores at granular SKU levels.

Demand forecast POC in a box from AWS & Reply 0

AWS cloud

Best Practice


Fully managed, highly available, and secure Apache Kafka service.



Journey to a scalable AWS data lake

In this webinar Data Reply, ​in collaboration with AWS, will explain how to migrate the existing Data Lake of a large German automotive company to AWS in a short amount of time and with little impact on users.

Machine Learning

Case Study

Machine Learning for long term benefits

In a global enterprise like BMW, translating text is an often necessary, but time consuming and tedious task. Cutting down translation times aids the business in working faster and more efficiently. Reply achieved this for their client providing a low-cost shared service based on AWS for the entire enterprise using BMW’s state-of-the-art neural machine translation models with specific adaption to the automotive domain.

Machine Learning for long term benefits 0

AWS cloud

Best Practice


Managed cluster platform that simplifies running big data frameworks, such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, on AWS to process and analyze vast amounts of data.

AWS emr

Quantum Computing

Case Study

Quantum inspired algorithms for Enel

Data Reply has developed a quantum algorithm that allows you to quickly plan the maintenance work performed by units operating throughout Italy. The solution also makes the use of resources more efficient, thus reducing costs. This algorithm brings added value to Enel's business by supporting the multinational in its decision-making process, with a high impact on planned daily activities

Quantum inspired algorithms
for Enel


News & Communication

Data Reply Achieves AWS Machine Learning Competency Status

Data Reply, specialized in the design and implementation of advanced analytics and AI-powered data services, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning (ML) Competency status. This designation recognizes Data Reply for enabling data scientists and ML practitioners with tools to take their data, train predictive models and make predictions on new data.


Best Practice

Media Streaming Service: An ecosystem for real-time data insights

Media-on-Demand Businesses are competing in a field where seamless customer experiences are essential. For a client Data Reply designed and implemented an event-driven set of services providing real-time insights. This enabled a variety of valuable business and analytics use cases.

Media Streaming Service An ecosystem for real-time data insights  0

machine learning

Case Study

Guarantee the quality of the grinding process

Lavazza chose Amazon Web Services as its cloud platform and Reply, AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to support them in the adoption of machine learning models on AWS. Lavazza worked with Reply to design a product which could fit their needs to predict the results of the tests performed on the production line to guide their operator’s activities.

AWS Cloud

Case Study

Getting Cloud and ML into the DNA of Nexi

Data Reply enabled Data Analysis and Machine Learning on AWS Cloud for Nexi, the largest Italian PayTech Company, bringing quantity and quality of data and leveraging Artificial intelligence-based technologies, resulting in major impacts in customer’s capabilities in areas like Fraud, Risk Management, Marketing and Operations, in a safe and compliant way.

Getting Cloud and ML
into the DNA of Nexi 0


Best Practice

Journey to a Highly Scalable datalake

Data Reply built a cloud datalake on AWS for a large German automotive company, replacing an on-premises solution and leveraging serverless technologies wherever possible. The datalake provides reliable, flexible and cost-efficient analysis capabilities and collects data from all over the organization.

Journey to a Highly Scalable datalake 0

17.06.2020 / Fully Digital


Aws Summit Online 2020

Join the AWS Summit 2020 the new fully Online Edition. Hear about the latest trends in cloud during the Opening Keynote of Werner Vogels, CTO by, and dive deep in 55 breakout sessions across 11 track. Meet REPLY at the Virtual Booth and discover the latest expertise on AWS Technology about: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT and Industrial Software.

15.05.2020 / Italian Language


MLOPS: handle Machine Learning in production with AWS

In this webinar Data Reply illustrated which are the challenges of taking a machine learning model in production and how MLOps principles can be applied to solve them in a real business case scenario.

Sports Company

Best Practice

Starting the data-driven journey with AWS

Data Reply helped a sports company to advance the Data Analytics journey with the custom AWS Cloud-native Big Data Platform. The project increased flexibility and efficiency across all analytics workloads, including Data Science use cases as well as Data Engineering needs.

Starting the data-driven journey with AWS 0

Validation Framework

Best Practice

We heroes portal

The service designed to boost your brand’s impact. Now more than ever, we are committed to help essential workers who are making a difference giving them a fast and reliable access to daily benefits.

We heroes portal


News & Communication

The new Italian Aws Region

With the launch of the new AWS Region, placed within the Italian national territory, a set of major benefits may be leveraged by companies and institutions. First of all, a series of regulation and organizational constraints regarding the cloud adoption, are accomplished with costs comparable to those of other European regions.

05.05.2020 / English Language


Let's Make a Chatbot

During this Webinar Data Reply used Amazon Web Services to build a chatbot experimenting and connecting with different technologies to demonstrate the potential a chatbot could bring to your business.

Data Science

Best Practice

Data streams: In the right place at the right time

To make it possible for all departments of a large telecommunications provider to efficiently use the multitude of data that reaches, travels through or leaves the organisation every day, the company has been using the data streaming approach for some time now.

Data streams In the right place at the right time 0