What we do

Technology is in our DNA. We work with our clients to design, develop and implement innovative technology solutions that address their risk, finance and compliance challenges.

Through our multi-disciplinary experts and our strategic vendor alliances, we partner with our clients to help them with their most pressing IT programmes (from 'BAU' systems enhancemnts through to 'reg-tech' solutions). This includes system selection and implementation, application development, integration into the business. We are focused on being at the cutting edge of innovation delivering solutions in robotics and machine learning, for example.

Risk and Finance System integration

Today’s Financial Institutions are becoming increasingly dependent on their IT systems. From meeting regulatory requirements and running day-to-day operations, to offering new products and having a flexible IT, capability is key. By leveraging and sharing technical knowledge and in-depth industry experience, Avantage Reply implements effective and pragmatic solutions for its clients.

Operational Risk & Data Robotics

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Operational Risk & Data Robotics

Data Robotics Solutions are emerging as a highly effective, yet practical approach for banks to reduce operational risk, improve efficiency, reduce costs and derive additional value. From Robotic Process Automation to machine learning enabled Intelligent Process Automation, banks that have started implementing these solutions are reaping the rewards, both from a financial and compliance perspective.

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Financial services are by far the most advanced industry in terms of Blockchain exploration with both independent and consortium initiatives. Financial players are mainly focused on evaluating possible impact of Blockchain paradigm on payments circuits, capital markets processes, risk management activities and credit services.

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