Technology Reply from the year 2022 is supporting a major international utility company, with the goal of reducing licensing costs, providing a more fluid processing experience for editors, and improving the company's business through increased resilience and visibility of sites, to migrate sites present on an CMS Enterprise in use by the customer to the Oracle Enterprise Web CMS "Oracle Content Management" (OCM).

Oracle Content Management is a platform leading to the market that allows users to manage, create and activate different types of content, including websites, documents, videos and graphical assets, in a single cloud-native system (ref.). The project activity began with an initial detailed analysis of the functionality present on the CMS Enterprise to verify the information to be moved to Oracle Content Management and the identification of features to be created and/or modified on the target platform. The main challenge on this activity is related to the large number of sites to be migrated (more than 50!) in a very short time period, the complexity of the sites--composed of hundreds of pages--and the stringent performance requirements requested by the client.


Technology Reply has taken responsibility for all aspects of the project activity, focusing on the following points:

  • Creation of an engine (based on the Java programming language) for the massive import of information.
  • Preparation and configuration of the OCM environment on the Oracle cloud.
  • Creation of the data model.
  • Creation of several custom features on OCM.
  • Generation of thousands of new pages with associated product assets.
  • Integration with various third-party plugins and apis as per clients's requirements.
  • Extending OCM's localization and regionalization capabilities through custom components.
  • Implementing complex taxonomies to create search and filters of assets.
  • Analysis of correct development of sites in compliance with rules for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Complete go live of the first set of sites.

Activities were performed in continuous collaboration with the Oracle development team in order to be able to satisfy the very challenging requirements imposed at the performance level. Technology Reply is now one of the leading players worldwide to have ported live a very complex project on this new platform.

At the architectural level on the project, due to the very challenging performance requirements, Technology Reply made massive use of static site compilation on OCM and used the "GraphQL" language required to reduce the number of calls to the OCM backend.


With the use of the Oracle Content Management product on the Oracle cloud, through the support and expertise of Technology Reply, the goal of significantly reducing licensing costs and improving the user experience for publishers was achieved.

Last but not least, through the creation of reusable "general purpose" functionality, the solution delivered by Technology Reply, is scalable and will enable the client to minimize costs and reduce the time it takes to create and deliver new sites.