Performance optimisation through middle office management

Maximise performance by re-engineering processes


The management and improvement of the performance of their Middle Office processes is a fundamental activity for our customer. The main objective is to reduce the timing of opening current accounts or credit card or investment requests and to drastically reduce human or system errors. In addition it was also essential to manage the right balance of workload among the various resources as it is supported by some outsourcers in order to carry out the management of incoming practices.
Technology Reply redefined the Bank Middle Office processes to improve the following aspects of the services offered by the bank:

  • End-to-end performance
  • Monitoring
  • Optimisation of workload (balancing load work).


  • Higher speed of end-to-end practices management
  • Thanks to the introduction of inbound scanning and the gradual endowment of forms in digital signature, financial advisors have seen a sharp decrease in paper errors or losses
  • The flexibility of the processes makes it possible to track and monitor all types of practices, whether they are simple as a request for a transfer or more complex as a request for a credit card.


Thanks to the use of Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle BPM Suite, Technology Reply has succeeded in re-engineering all the processes of Middle Office banking by making them Highly flexible, Highly re-organised in the ways of working between the various actors involved and Highly monitorable

Moreover, through a control dashboard, it is possible to monitor the workload divided among the various Business Units to deal with any type of problems.