Artificial Intelligence & Cloud - Master

“Artificial Intelligence & Cloud” Master

Master organized and thought by Reply SpA in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino with the aim of allowing the brightest young people, who have achieved a Master's Degree in Computer Science, to join the company through a highly professionalizing one-year training course in AI and Cloud.


Technology Reply led the students through three deep dives focused on Oracle Cloud technology: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Autonomous Database & Analytics Cloud, Oracle Cloud Data Science.

The lessons were held remotely through laboratory lessons conducted by business experts of Technology Reply, who put in practice their experience every day "in the field": a unique opportunity of its kind that as such was welcomed with enthusiasm and proactivity by all the talents who have brilliantly passed the tests exam scheduled at the end of the lessons.

Master’s structure

The lessons had a practical imprint to allow the students to concretely try their hand at the problems and resolution tools provided by the platform, so as to be then evaluated in the final test which involved the creation of ready proofs of concepts.


The master was in its first edition. The enthusiastic feedback from the participants allowed us to understand how important it is to relate the academic world to the world of work. The master proved to be a perfect glue to provide tools and concrete examples for the application of the knowledge acquired on the job place. The feedback obtained and the good exams taken, allowed us to investigate potential Oracle smart and advanced solutions to be offered to our customers, expanding our team with young resources already at the forefront ready to demonstrate their full value.