The Safer Payment system used by Reply ensures quick, safe transactions in real time.


A few months after the launch of the new EBA Clearing EBA Clearing platform based on a pan-European payment system, Technology Reply - Financial Services, a Reply Group company and Oracle partner specialised in the Banking and Financial world, developed the Middleware architecture for a well-known banking group and the new graphical interface of the instant bank transfer solution for one of the leading banking groups.


  • A User Experience that is interactive, simple and intuitive, based on a new FrontEnd layout
  • Middleware integration with the main players involved (IBM Safer Payment, which guarantees security checks in real time; InstantPaymentEngine for managing the processing between the Web Channels and EBA Clearing; Bank Control Systems)


The Instant Payment solution was designed to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of payment infrastructures. The innovative and secure solution is based on the interaction with the new EBA Clearing platform, which is available 24/7, ensuring irrevocable end-to-end transactions between the payers’ and the payees’ accounts in just 10 seconds.

  • MIDDLEWARE SERVICES integrated with the banking control systems, the Safer Payment security system which offers real-time fraud prevention capabilities, the new Instant Payment Engine and the data storage and control systems.
  • FRONTEND INTERFACE broken down into interactive steps, integrated with the new middleware services and the new instant payment platform to guarantee real-time feedback on the outcome of the transaction.