Data integration process of technological systems

Technology Reply deals with Data Integration for companies that offer banking outsourcing services


Technology Reply is able to meet the needs of companies specialized in offering banking outsourcing services, to put their information systems in communication with those of their client banks. In the acquisition phase of a new customer bank, a massive initial migration of data is carried out that will lead to the integration of the various company systems through Data Integration processes.

The term Data Integration defines the process of merging data from multiple different sources into a unified view: from the assimilation, cleaning, mapping and transformation of data, to the processing of intelligence more easily usable by those who access it. Today all the companies of the various markets, and in particular those of the banking world, implement Data Integration initiatives in order to analyze and use information more effectively, in particular with the spread of new Cloud technologies and Big Data management. Data Integration is a must for the modern company, essential to improve decision-making processes and increase the competitive edge.

To proceed with the integration of company data, Technology Reply carries out a first architectural assessment activity. Based on the evidence found post assessment, the best Data Integration strategy is chosen. In general, integration solutions are based on heterogeneous data sources, a centralized master server to which all the different business areas access. In the case of on-premise architecture, Technology Reply takes care of the configuration of the physical servers and virtual machines on which to install the application and the database identified for the implementations necessary to carry out the integration. Once the perimeter of the data to be migrated is circumscribed, Technology Reply analyzes the two company systems and implements the software necessary to carry out the initial migration and then to allow the management of data communications at full speed appropriately transcoded.


The Data Integration architectures designed by Technology Reply's Solution and Enterprise Architects are characterized by:

  • High Reliability – Possibility of the system not to lose data and to make it available even in the event of catastrophic events.
  • Scalability – Ability to increase the computational resources of the system to cope with increases in workload.
  • Training – Courses dedicated to the various company working groups are carried out with the aim of making known the potential of the applications realized.
  • Documentation – The guidelines to be followed in the implementation of the new software components are made available to the client company.
  • Monitoring – For the monitoring of company data, Technology Reply prepares the creation of appropriate Data Quality Dashboards.


In addition to software development, Technology Reply also deals with the identification, implementation, validation and configuration of the architectural solution that will be used to connect the various heterogeneous data sources in the context of banking outsourcing.

Our professionals follow all the phases of the integration up to provide the Application Management service, after the Production of the Data Integration project.