Commercial Strategy Banking

A new, evolved advisory mode based on the value of financial diversification.


Since 2017 Technology Reply has been developing for one of the main Italian direct banks (continuing to support the evolution process) an advanced consulting platform able to guide the financial advisor and his clients from the analysis of their needs to the definition of the most suitable solutions, verifying their adequacy according to the MIFID directive and allowing their digital subscription.

A simple and immediate tool, created to simulate operations on the client portfolio and create customizable documentation, which over the years continues to change its nature, turning more and more attention to the dispositive processes offered by the bank. The core of the tool developed is the concept of dimensions: by analysing client's portfolio on different dimensions (investment time span, stock and financial instrument types, geographical scope, growth potential of the instruments), the financial advisor can identify the investment solution most in line with his clients needs. Another innovative element, strongly characterising the platform, is the introduction of an index capable of quantitatively measuring the quality of the investments in the portfolio. For the first time in the market, it is in fact possible to scientifically measure the level of diversification of a portfolio both as a whole and according to the specific needs of the client in the short, medium and long term.

The platform makes it possible to interact with tools for the technical and financial analysis of all the instruments present on the Market, as well as with Mobile applications dedicated to in-depth analysis of specific products.


Technology Reply took care of all aspects of the project, from the realization of the new platform, to its integration with all the services offered by the Bank and external financial consulting companies, to the support of post go-live phase. It also continues to follow the evolutionary aspects of the platform, from a simulation tool to a real aggregator of the dispositive processes supported by the bank.

Adapting activities are continuously carried out to allow the tool to continue to transpose all national and EU regulations in the financial fields, in order to allow users to use all the new financial instruments offered by the bank and the market.


The client portfolio financial analysis tool was created in 2017 as a simulation and consulting tool, with the aim of becoming over the years the only access point for the simulation and arrangement of transactions by financial advisors working with the bank. Since the project's inception, Technology Reply has been committed to driving this transformation, enriching the tool with new functionalities, without giving up the high standards required: simple and multiplatform user experience, performance, consistency of the simulation process and layout. This has been possible by finding new answers to the challenges that have been posed to us every time:

  • Data caching at various levels (Session Storage and Local Storage at browser level, Oracle Coherence at service level) to offer the best performance in terms of user expectations;
  • Use of new libraries (graphical and non- graphical) Javascript to manipulate and display new categories of data;
  • Parallelisation and optimisation of data access modes to reduce the calculation times of the Bank services invoked by the platform.