Google Maps in SAP Sales and Service Cloud

An automated enrichment of customer data with geo-information

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Google Maps integrated into SAP Sales and Service Cloud

Geo-information can be very helpful for sales and service activities that primarily take place at the customer’s premises. This information is used to calculate distances or visualize customer addresses. However, maintaining geodata often entails considerable expenditure, which makes it more difficult to carry out daily work. Manually planning customer visits and checking data requires attention and time that could be effectively used for other purposes.

The standard versions of SAP Sales and Service Cloud offer the option of comprehensive integration with Google Maps. Additionally, the API provided by Google Maps can be used to realize additional scenarios, such as address validations.

Excellent Customer Processes

The SAP Sales Cloud bundles a large number of modern tools for excellent sales processes. For example, the solution encompasses extensive supporting functions for the classic lead-to-order process, such as visit planning, surveys, activity planners, and Outlook integration.

The SAP Service Cloud, an efficient CRM solution for customer service processes and after-sales services, makes it possible to get a 360° view of the customer.

User-friendly Map Views

The standard versions of SAP Sales and Service Cloud offer different Google Maps integrations. Based on address data, these integrations visualize customers, opportunities, and tickets on a map. The look and feel is the same as what you know and expect from Google Maps. SAP Sales and Service Cloud users therefore feel familiar with the interface, and no further adjustments to the system are necessary.

Adress validation with Google Maps

Of course, SAP Sales and Service Cloud also support SAP DQM, SAP’s address validation tool. In addition, the solutions provide an interface in order to access data through the Google Maps API. One scenario is address validation with Google Maps. Addresses entered in the customer master data are validated in the background using the Google Maps database without the user noticing this process. If necessary, the process issues a correction proposal the user can use. This guarantees high-quality address data that is available for subsequent sales, service, and marketing processes.

Automated Geodata Access

The Google API can be used to access additional information for more complicated scenarios. Precise geo-coordinates (longitude and latitude) are helpful for certain business cases, such as proximity searches that display neighboring customers and opportunities. SAP Sales and Service Cloud can automatically access geodata based on the address in Google Maps and save the information right in the customer master data.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Pre-configured Google Maps functions
  • No additional configuration or license required
  • Familiar and intuitive user interface
  • Extensions possible with the Google API
  • Address validation and geodata access from Google Maps (separate license required)
  • Saving the accessed data directly to the customer master data

Making work easier for Customer Service and Sales

Google Maps integration for SAP Sales and Service Cloud provides many advantages for employees in sales and service during their everyday work. The route visualization and address validation functions can be used to plan customer visits more easily, check customer data more quickly, and enter this data correctly.

Syskoplan Reply helps companies connect Google Maps to SAP Sales and Service Cloud. Its expertise and practical experience contribute to the success of optimum implementations even when there are individual requirements.

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