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Founded in 2017, Sense Reply is a leading Reply Group company in the Energy & Utilities sector.

Specialising in the design and implementation of end-to-end IoT solutions in the Energy & Utilities sector, Sense Reply consists of a team of professionals with deep experience and a skill set that includes knowledge of market and business processes, IT architecture and IoT platforms, sensors, gateways and communication networks, as well as the ability to operate directly on technical systems to monitor events and parameters.
With an in-depth knowledge of the industry, a proven ability to implement IoT solutions, and a forward-looking vision of the evolution required of operating models and technology components in all segments of the value chain, Sense Reply provides its customers with the set of skills needed to imagine, design, implement and deploy new processes and services for energy generation, transport, distribution, sales, self-generation, storage and optimisation on a large scale.


A European leader in IoT, the Reply Group has specialised its technological capabilities for each business sector. New management models in the Energy & Utilities sector require real-time control of an increasing number of operational operating variables, and the collection and analysis of an increasing amount of data. IoT paradigms and solutions are central to systems' architecture and enable the new mission critical processes and services on which the operations of all industry players are based.


In recent decades, we have witnessed the evolution of regulatory frameworks that resulted in Europe. In the European Green Deal, the climate law that enshrines a commitment to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and an interim target to reduce net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030, compared to 1990 levels.
Achieving zero emissions by 2050 requires radical changes in every sector of the economy within this decade. This major transformation involves an unprecedented acceleration of public and private investment in research and industrial-scale deployment of new technologies for efficient energy generation, distribution, and use, based on IoT architecture.

Sense Reply has led significant projects in Italy and internationally in the adoption of these technologies in various segments of the energy value chain, using architecture in line with the most modern principles of platformisation, microservices and virtualisation.

Sense Reply has implemented strategic solutions to enable major industrial companies to acquire the ability to monitor the energy consumption of industrial or civil plants, including those belonging to energy communities or a consortium, and to supplement microgeneration and storage systems.

Sense Reply has supported operators of low-voltage distribution networks in introducing IoT technologies to capture data from metering groups to monitor the operational status of electrical components, such as transformers and physical assets, such as secondary substations.

Decarbonization requires a dramatic change in the transportation sector, which faces significant penetration of electric vehicles. Electric transportation business models rely on the ability to rely on open IoT platforms that enable interaction between drivers, service providers and charging infrastructure. Sense Reply has enabled communication with more than 40 different types of charging systems, integrating them with complex management processes on an international scale.

Sense Reply has also designed and implemented demand aggregation systems for operators to participate in energy flexibility events and large demand response systems for global operators, serving more than 30 flexibility and storage programs in many countries globally.


Sense Reply designs and implements services and business processes for the Energy & Utilities sector, integrating IoT technologies and solutions into Enterprise architectures, effectively governing complex large-scale adoption projects, in Italy and internationally.


Sense Reply focuses on building IoT platforms and using them to adapt mission critical processes and applications. This is all aimed at energy generation, transportation and distribution in the new market environment and the activation of new roles in the industry value chain, such as energy communities, energy storage, aggregators and electric mobility integrated into flexibility, building management and energy monitoring processes.

Sense Reply professionals have extensive experience in managing power generation from renewable sources (particularly photovoltaics and wind power), energy monitoring of industrial and civil plants, smart metering, and demand response.

To enable effective integration of devices and equipment, Sense Reply offers specific expertise on how to integrate operational technologies within IoT architecture. These skills are in addition to expertise in the design and implementation of IoT platforms for multinational companies, and the ability to integrate them within complex enterprise architectures, and govern complex adoption and roll out projects.

Thanks to its market knowledge, Sense Reply is a leader in the conception and implementation of mission critical solutions for large companies in the industry, leveraging mainly Cloud and IoT solutions.

Sense Reply has gained and acquired skills by undertaking internationally prominent projects for some of the leading players in the industry.


Sense Reply designs and builds business applications based on IoT paradigms, platforms, and architecture to enable Energy & Utilities operators and companies to activate innovative services, in order to keep up with the rapid evolution of the market. In response to the decarbonization process and the net zero goal, Sense Reply offers solutions for energy monitoring and optimisation, energy flexibility and demand response, public and private electric mobility, smart metering and smart grid, renewable energy production monitoring and optimisation, drone automation for resource management, and microgrid optimisation and energy communities.



Sense Reply is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and has achieved AWS Energy Competency status. With a proven track record of successful project implementation using AWS technologies, Sense Reply is able to provide support for energy monitoring and optimisation, energy aggregation, microgrid management, electric car management, smart metering IoT, renewable energy generation monitoring and optimisation, and more. Sense Reply relies on its IoT Accelerator to speed the implementation of Industrial IoT Solutions for large enterprises, enabling customers to reduce the cost, time and risk involved in transforming their processes and designing and launching new products and services. The IoT Accelerator builds on AWS capabilities, including AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass, and is ready to be integrated with the new AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS IoT Event and AWS IoT Things Graph services.

Sense Reply leverages its cloud automation, IoT and energy expertise by using AWS PaaS microservices to build fully automated IoT platforms and to build business applications integrated with them and with the most advanced asset management, data analytics and machine learning services, specifically for the Energy & Utilities sector.

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