Artificial Intelligence (AI) is radically transforming the landscape of call centers, bringing significant benefits to both companies and customers. Integrating AI into call centers enables the automation of a wide range of tasks, standard processes, and repetitive tasks, thus reducing reliance on human intervention.

These systems can provide immediate and precise responses to customer inquiries by gathering key information to offer personalized responses, leveraging constantly evolving machine learning.

Furthermore, through real-time analysis of audio streams, the new systems interpret the content of inquiries, providing support to agents with specific suggestions for responses and targeted marketing proposals.

Oracle's Session Border Controller (SBC) platform represents a comprehensive solution, both in terms of software and hardware, for modern communication networks.

It offers a wide range of features and benefits that contribute to improve security, reliability, and performance of IP communications.

It acts as a boundary point between different network domains, ensuring interoperability in VoIP/VoLTE communications. In VoIP/VoLTE network contexts, the Session Border Controller manages routing, access control, traffic monitoring, protection against DDoS attacks, and guarantees Quality of Service (QoS).


The Session Border Controller, with its multiple functionalities, plays a crucial role in the network ecosystem and therefore represents one of the most used devices by major Service Providers in the Customer Service domain.

In this context, it is important to introduce SIPREC (Session Initiation Protocol Recording). This function represents a network service that allows the recording of communication sessions, such as voice calls and video conferences, by capturing audio streams and associated metadata between the customer and the call center. This process is facilitated by a dedicated server that records audio files (voice recording).

The Session Recording Client (SRC), operating through the SBC (Session Border Controller), interfaces with the Session Recording Server (SRS), which acts as a call recorder. During recording, multimedia contents are continuously transmitted to the SRS, allowing real-time analysis of the conversation.

Implementing the SIPREC functionality in the Oracle SBC enables artificial intelligences to collect and analyze data in real-time, using solutions from providers such as Google, Amazon, and Qualtrics (Real-Time Agent Assist). This process provides significant insights to improve customer experience by measuring and evaluating sentiment, needs, and experiences. It also enables providing suggestions to agents both in the context of customer support, through targeted responses and support, and in marketing, to propose offers of interest.

Artificial Intelligence and SBC

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides real-time support to contact center agents during customer calls by analyzing the conversation based on collected metadata and keywords. Audio files collected by the Session Recording Server are processed using Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, drawing from a vast database of millions of similar interactions with other customers previously recorded. Through this process, AI can identify the customer's mood (sentiment) and the reasons for their call, allowing it to suggest to the agent, via on-screen pop-ups (using the Qualtrics solution), directions to follow, empathy to demonstrate, offers to propose, and so on. This approach overall reduces call resolution times.


Integration of the platform within current Call Center and Customer Service infrastructures

Increased resilience and service continuity through the introduction of new features, like SIPRECording

AI-based data analysis to support agents in day-by-day operations

Activation of voicebot/chatbot systems in Call Centers for operational cost savings

Net Reply's Role

With the expertise gained in service provider and Large Enterprise contexts, and a solid partnership with Oracle, Net Reply can be a strategic partner for managing System Integration and achieving the following objectives:

  • Implementation of Innovative Use Cases.

  • Integration with AI for sentiment analysis or operator assistance.

  • Scouting for the most suitable solution to meet client needs.

  • Creation and integration of custom systems for data collection and the production of graphical insights.

  • Analysis of sentiment-based feedback for service experience enhancement purposes.


Net Reply is capable of integrating any SBC that can support SIPREC functionality, always offering tailor-made solutions based on the needs of our clients. Fill out the form if you are interested in this service or would like more information; our experts will be happy to explain our solutions to you.

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