Network Automation Platform

Simplifying your Service Testing and Rollout


Keeping the pace of a continuously evolving service and telecommunication market is a challenging task for telecom operators and large enterprises.

Network automation offers an opportunity to accelerate service delivery for your customers, simplifying complex and repetitive tasks, while reducing the effort spent in time-consuming activities by your teams.

The Net Reply Network Automation Platform is an E2E orchestrator that manages automation pipelines for infrastructure and application services.

It exploits well-known open-source tools, and it can be customized based on customer needs.


Automation gives customers the opportunity to innovate their service delivery, with the following benefits:

• Automate and orchestrate complex test environments and infrastructures

• Simplified process repetition and version control

• Customizable and interoperable with other tools

• Faster time to market for new products and services

Main features:

• Pipeline-based: Keeping Deployment, Configuration and Testing of Network Functions under control

• Interoperable: Multiple customer tools can be coordinated via the Automation Platform

• Flexible: The pipelines can control a variety of heterogenous services, either physical or virtualized

• Cloud-Native: Based on well-know open-source tools, it can be scaled based on customer needs


  • Building the automation use case

    Driving the customer to the most appropriate automation use case

  • Designing the pipelines and testing scenario

    Requirements analysis, development and testing of pipelines

  • NFV & Cloud Infrastructure

    Supporting the migration to the Cloud of your network infrastructure

  • Functional and Integration Test Development

    Make your own distributed infrastructure centrally and easily managed

  • Analysis of NTW Function Testing Requirements

    We support you in the definition of test cases and scenarios of your network services


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