Net Reply and
Over IT

Joining forces to bring

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Net Reply and OverIT have recently signed a partnership that brings together their extensive expertise in the Telco and Utility industries to deliver unparalleled solutions to their customers.

The OSS transformation and softwarization solution given by the integrated OSS & SDN architecture and offered by Net Reply, combined with OverIT's expertise in Field Service Management is able to offer its customers some of the highest performing solutions on the market .

As a leader in Field Service Management, OverIT together with Net Reply's cutting-edge technology is dedicated to offer clients even more powerful tools to drive growth.

Overall, the partnership between OverIT's FSM software and Net Reply's customer communication solution can provide a range of benefits for the telecommunications industry, helping companies to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Moreover, Net Reply and OverIT FSM software can play an important role in <><> the energy and utilities industry meet the challenges of the energy transition and transition to a more sustainable energy system.

Our joint expertise and experience, combined with best-of-breed technologies will make it possible to offer unparalleled services to our customers.

We’ll work synergically to deliver tailored solutions to help clients across the Telco and Utilities scene to streamline operations, optimize the workforce, or enhance customer experience.


OverIT 's FSM software and Net Reply's customer communication solution are a powerful combination that can provide a range of benefits for the Telecommunications Industry and Utilities.

Here are some of the key benefits of this partnership:

1. Improved customer satisfaction: seamless and consistent customer communications thanks to the integration of Net Reply's customer communication solution with OverIT's FSM software;

2. Increased efficiency and cost savings: reduced time and effort for managing customer interactions thanks to customer communications automation;

3. Enhanced agent productivity: automated routine tasks thanks to Net Reply’s customer communication solution;

4. Improved first call resolution: quickier and more efficient customer issue resolution;

5. Enhanced data analytics: advanced data analytics capabilities for customer interactions analysis, provided by OverIT's FSM software;

6. Energy transition facilitation: providing efficient and effective field service management solutions for the energy and utilities industry;

7. Improvement of the safety and reliability of the energy grid: crutial for a successful energy transition.

A Partnership Forged in Innovation


Partnership Net Reply Over IT

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