Re-Align Effort

Significant changes in customer demand and budgets is causing organisations to review their existing business plans, operating models and technology landscape. C-suites have been given a clear mandate to align the organisation onto what matters most. Glue Reply works alongside organisations as a key partner to objectively advise on the best path forwards.

Recent changes in customer demands and operating models is driving organisations to revisit their business plans and change portfolio across the business and technology.

Glue Reply is uniquely placed to work across business and IT teams to understand their critical capabilities, the interlocked delivery and major priorities for immediate and long term success. Furthermore our technical experts are able to drive the translation of business plans into tangible and deliverable technology change that delivers key business outcomes quickly.

More now than ever before, external events are creating cost management challenges across the C-suite. Even with well prepared mitigation plans, business as usual is anything but with the majority of organisations actively seeking ways to cut costs.

Whilst IT typically represents a very small part of an organisation’s operating budget – it is often driving mission critical capabilities and productivity. Cutting the wrong costs risks harming business performance further... whilst realigning – or even increasing – IT investment to focus on critical needs has the potential to drive performance and unlock substantially more savings.

So how do you minimise the impact of IT budget cuts: where do you reduce and where should you protect – or even increase – your planned spending?

Digital Operations has seen a rapid transformation in recent months, as new normal have emerged, and existing operations and business models have been stressed and challenged. As a result, businesses have to adapt and innovate through the rapid deployment of new operating models, including business processes and technology to facilitate remote working at scale.

Existing processes have undergone radical changes to accommodate the increased amount of remote workers in order to enable businesses to continue to operate.

These tactical implementations will need to be reviewed to ensure compliance with the amended Data Protection Act 2018, the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and industry-based regulatory compliance such as PCI-DSS.