Integration & Collaboration

Glue Reply has expertise in Integration Strategy & Architecture, API Design, Delivery, Support and Capability Establishment. We define and deliver best in class solutions that meet the needs of the Enterprise, enabling organisations to exploit changes in the market through effective technology and business integration.

In this evolving and disruptive world, an organisations' ability to provide a holistic and consistent customer experience has never been more important. This however creates challenges with managing the different demands of traditional back end IT and the multi modal requirements of Digital. Effective integration and the reuse of API’s is now a critical capability in all organisations. Glue Reply is a leader in supporting clients on their journey to maturity.

Glue Reply works alongside clients to aid them in effectively establishing and maturing their integration capabilities. Glue Reply aims to establish Integration Foundations that are vendor agnostic to support longevity while providing deep technology expertise through the development and implementation phases.

Glue Reply has a long and illustrious integration heritage having worked with many leading organisations to deliver integration services since the early 2000’s. Glue Reply is now established as a premier professional services provider of many of the leading integration technologies including but not limited to MuleSoft, Dell Boomi, Apigee, Talend and Software AG.

Integration Strategy

Within an environment of a changing landscape and with requirements for increasing customer centricity, organisations need to have a clear and well communicated integration strategy.

Glue Reply works with customers to define their future proof integration journey, ensuring they remain relevant and adaptive while effectively enabling change in a controlled manner.

Capability Establishment

Adopting modern day integration technology approaches such as APIs, Microservices, Containers and Functions requires a fundamental shift in an organisations capabilities across people, process and technology.

Glue Reply leverages its established frameworks and toolkits to define and embed new capabilities in line with the specific business needs and industry. Glue Reply's consultants work alongside their customers to bring them on the maturity journey ensuring that value is realised early.

Furthermore Glue Reply supports organisations in the overarching Enablement, Upskilling and Governance of the function, providing control within this sustained capability.

API Design & Implementation

From Glue Reply’s architectural roots they adopted an approach of ‘Design Right’, through this they ensure they can implement change quickly and effectively.

Glue Reply supports it customers by embedding best practices and standards into organisations. Furthermore Glue Reply will assist its customers in the development, testing and deployment of these new functionalities and capabilities.

E2E Managed Service

Glue Reply has packaged its extensive end to end integration services into a comprehensive and competitive managed service. Providing its customers with a highly skilled one stop shop for integration.

Glue Reply will manage:

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Development
  • Support