Glue Reply Unlocks & Derisks Major Government Transformation Programme via Data Maturity Strategy

A major Government Department had embarked on a Programme to modernise a monolithic legacy system which provided services to a multitude of other public sector organisations across the United Kingdom. Due to the scale of the programme, product teams became siloed. Key Milestones were missed and a risk was raised that the programme would not comply with Government Data Standards.

The Programme needed steer in terms of it maturity around data capabilities, such that the programme would be unlocked and de-risked.


Glue understood the programme in depth, studying the key milestones, outcomes and compliance factors

Glue Reply then identified the common challenges which included:
  • Lack of data consistency across Product Teams
  • No forums for decision making and communication
  • Limited democratization of standards and patterns

By adapting Glue’s bespoke assessment framework with the deep understanding of the programme, Glue were able to prioritise, set targets for and assess the data capabilities which were critical for the programme.

Glue were able to further tailor the assessment by conducting a pre-assessment desktop review uncovering key artefacts, stakeholders, and processes which resulted in more targeted assessment questions


A comprehensive report for each data capability highlighting the current level and the target level required to ensure success of the programme.

The next best steps to ensure real action and get the ball rolling in progressing maturity levels.

Highlighted the importance of data capabilities and kick started a cultural change by presenting the headline statements to key stakeholders including the Programme Lead, Head of Architecture and Product Leads.


Following the delivery of the Data Maturity Assessment and the identifying the next best actions Glue were commissioned to produce a comprehensive Data Strategy outlining a long term roadmap of activities scheduled in alignment with programme milestones

Glue also delivered pivotal activities defined within the roadmap, including projects around: Data Governance, Data Quality, Reference and Master Data Management, and Data Literacy

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