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Increasing the value of data

Glue Reply partners with organisations to increase the value of their data through defining ingestion frameworks, data management services, and data democratisation to enable the development and delivery of data services, products, and solutions.

Efficient data management services are at the heart of data ecosystems and are the key to unlocking the value of data. These services enable a business to be in control of their data, delivering access to key data assets across the enterprise, raising quality, and trust in data.

Implementing data services through architectural best practices and agile approaches enables continued value realisation and increases the agility of the business to deliver data services, products and solutions from enriched data lakes.

Glue Reply’s approach to data has been leveraged across all leading industries and has formed the backbone of many global enterprises, from FTSE 100 companies to critical defence institutions.

Data Strategy

Having a strategy for data is a key foundation within any organisation however it is one that is often overlooked. Glue Reply works alongside its clients to advise them on their data strategy with the primary purpose of ensuring that data adds value to the organisation while being consistent, secure, timely and accurate.

Glue Reply has a proven methodology for developing a data strategy and implementing it, this goes well beyond technology and considers the changes that need to be adopted within organisations across Culture, People, Process, Technology and Governance.

Data Ecosystem

Having a single, consistent enterprise-wide understanding of customers, products and services is an everyday challenge for many organisations.

A data ecosystem, provides key functionality to underpin and enable the development of data products such as ‘single customer view’ enabling the organisation to increase the value of data through harmonisation of all data available internally and externally.

Glue Reply partners with organisations and leverages best practice of agile delivery approaches to realise value and early benefit through incremental development. This enables organisations to prioritise specific data products aligned to their strategy and vision to incrementally unlock insight from and increase value of data.

Data Management

Driving real change in an organisation's approach to data has historically been the primary blocker to unlocking value and improving quality. This is often due to the lack of pragmatic and effective data management services in addition to no clear mandate for centralised data services.

Glue Reply partners with organisations to address this, specifically by defining the value and terms of reference for the data management services required to transform your data swamp into an enriched data lake.

Taking the organisation and key stakeholder groups on a journey to maturity is key to ensure that value is realised, Glue Reply ensures this by effectively implementing the foundations and then building incrementally on these key data capabilities.

Data Engineering

Access to the right data at the right time requires the effective delivery of data engineering solutions. Glue Reply has expert teams of data engineers, skilled in delivering industrialised metadata-driven data pipelines.

Our data engineers are fully versed in data governance and recognise the need for a compliance by design approach to enable data provenance and data lineage in line with industry regulations.

Glue Reply has data engineers that can be utilised to augment existing teams to increase capacity on existing projects or be deployed as a squad, including delivery lead, as part of a longer-term engagement such as the delivery of migration from on-premise to cloud.

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The Path to Data Maturity

In today's data-driven world, organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of data as a strategic asset. A high level of organisational data maturity can enable businesses to make informed decisions, drive greater efficiencies, and provide the future platform to more effectively utilise emerging digital trends such as Artificial Intelligence.

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Employing your Data as an Asset

There are many benefits of Data as a Service, including the ability to assign a monetary value to your data assets. However, there are further considerations and concepts to consider to truly harness the value of your data and issues to be resolved to achieve a good return on your investment in data.

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Consumer Duty Design

Organisations have understood the requirements under the Consumer Duty Regulations and have produced high level strategies and approaches (e.g. Board Papers) on how it can be met and have begun reviewing products and processes to achieve compliance. One major component of the regulation is demonstrating compliance with the regulation.

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Data as a Service

Data as a Service (DaaS) is not a new concept, people have been liberally using the term for a number of years. However, the common problem is the lack of holistic consideration that is made in the interpretation of the term.

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Data Governance as an enabler?

Organisations are changing how they see and value their data, they are looking to increase the amount of value they can extract from their data, evolving their data strategies from simply managing data as a by-product towards truly managing data as an asset.

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Six things to consider when starting with Data Quality

Data quality is a foundational capability on the journey to becoming a Data Driven organisation, but many struggle getting started and then realising the value. In our work with clients, we have identified key considerations when starting the journey.

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10 Essential Steps to Becoming A Successful Product-oriented Organisation

This paper highlights some of the essential steps from the perspective of avoiding those pitfalls in implementations. Throughout this document we refer to products, in some organisations this is used very similarly to services, as in the services the organisation provides; the reader can consider in this context these as similar.

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Glue Reply, a Reply Group company that specialises in outcome focused strategy and enterprise architecture for both public and private sector organisations, received a Commended Award at the Team Defence Information, Excellence Awards 2019.