Data & Information

Realising the value through data

Glue Reply helps organisations unlock the value of the strategic asset that is their data through defining a common data structure and aligning the overall architecture to the business needs. Furthermore Glue Reply advocates that this value is realised quickly, as a result focusing on the pragmatic development of solutions that deliver incremental but real value and outcomes to the business.

Within the data domain Glue Reply works to support organisations in gaining control of their data through architectural best practices in addition to designing and developing the solutions to deliver the real business value.

Glue Reply’s approaches to data have been leveraged across all leading industries and have formed the backbone of many global enterprises from FTSE 100 companies to critical defense institutions.

Data Strategy

Having a strategy for data is a key foundation within any organisation however it is one that is often overlooked. Glue Reply works alongside its clients to advise them on their data strategy with the primary purpose of ensuring that data adds value to the organisation while being consistent, secure, timely and accurate.

Glue Reply has a proven methodology for developing a data strategy and implementing it, this goes well beyond technology and considers the changes that need to be adopted within organisations across Culture, People, Process, Technology and Governance.

Data Architecture & Modelling

Having a single, consistent understanding of data and a business glossary is an everyday challenge for many organisations, many conversations focus around the meaning of data rather than the value.

Glue Reply works alongside its customers to address this very issue by leveraging best practice to provide a consistent understanding and definition of data that is in our organisations specific terminology.

Glue Reply has toolkits and highly experienced data architects who are able to develop holistic data architectures and drive out the process, technology and cultural issues that are impeding the quality and value realised from the data.

Data Governance & Capability Establishment

Driving real change in an organisation's approach to data has historically been the primary blocker to unlocking value and improving quality. This is often due to the lack of pragmatic and effective governance in addition to no clear mandate for any data function.

Glue Reply works with its customers to address this, specifically by defining the value and terms of reference for any data function but furthermore by making this real by implementing the change and driving the engagement.

Taking the organisation and key stakeholder groups on a journey to maturity is key to ensure that value is realised from the capability, Glue Reply ensures this by effectively implementing the foundations and then building incrementally on key capabilities.

Data Hub & Ecosystem Adoption

Technology is a key part of any data eco-system, providing key functionality to support ingestion, data quality, enrichment and conformance. However technology can provide further capabilities to enable organisations to realise a greater value from its sources.

Glue Reply has developed a comprehensive Data Hub methodology which can be implemented across many cloud technologies or proprietary solutions. Critically this is focused on delivery value and early benefit through incremental development. Glue Reply has experience of delivering significant business value through low entry data hub solutions that incrementally unlock insight.