Accelerate Change

For many organisations, a whole wave of challenges means that the normal is no longer acceptable, there is the need to innovate while saving cost which in many cases can only be realised through accelerated change. Glue Reply supports organisations on this change journey to delivery new ways of working and unlocking the value of technology.

Strategy Deployment

Organisations are having to reflect on their future direction and make significant investment decisions across the technology change portfolio. As a result emerging and new business services need to be rapidly prioritised and executed to enable and accelerate change.

Glue Reply works with its customers to deploy Strategic Planning techniques such as Hoshin Kanri to effectively and efficiently manage the development of new strategies and the associated business change, transformation and technical delivery.

Enabling Digital Architecture & Operations

Organisations need to continue to deliver strategic change, innovation and cost reduction while in many cases still managing significant technical debt and legacy infrastructure. These combined challenges are driving organisation to revisit their business models, services and underlying technology architecture.

This is driving an acceleration of Digital architecture adaption across the enterprise. The adaption will not only bring a different set of opportunities to businesses but also support accelerated growth.

Glue Reply has been in the forefront of delivering Digital architecture services to our customers and fast-tracking implementations of new operating models and hence be able to exploit a world of untapped possibilities.


The adoption of cloud has been a priority on the CIO's agenda for a number of years now, however in these challenging times the acceleration of the adoption of Cloud services has become critical to business agility and resilience.

Considering the significance of cloud and strategic investment required, organisations are prioritising the adoption of cloud services by defining a Cloud-First strategy which mandates careful evaluation of similar services and to make the right strategical choice for maximum IT benefit and a quicker business outcome realisation. Glue Reply has supported many organisations to embrace cloud by leveraging it’s architectural and technical expertise to define a cloud strategy and select the right cloud services. Using a proven methodology and by performing a Cloud Readiness Assessment of the organisation and it’s applications, we support organisations to emigrate to cloud by implementing a cloud adoption roadmap.