Business Change

Bridging the gap from strategy to reality

Glue Reply is at the forefront of digital transformation. We understand that this is not simply about implementing new technology. We recognise that transformation impacts and fundamentally changes an organisations’ culture, processes, people, and behaviours.

The scale of the need for business change is unprecedented. From adopting new technologies and digitising process, to integrating operations and meeting new regulations. Glue Reply helps its clients succeed, by supporting them in turning strategy into tangible solutions and vision into practical outcomes. Glue Reply diagnoses the challenges and advises on the way to deliver meaningful change.

Supporting Your Transformation

Business Planning

Glue Reply is passionate about achieving its client's goals

A shifting competitive landscape; evolving technology; an increasingly fluid workforce or simply a change in business performance – just a few of the many reasons that drive the need to change. Glue Reply works with its customers to understand where its business really is, where it wants to go, and what it truly takes to get there. Glue Reply is the only UK headquartered SME recognised in the Gartner Market Guide for business outcome driven enterprise architecture consulting.

Portfolio, Programmes and Projects

Glue Reply is passionate about realising its client's plans

The need for increased operational effectiveness; a change in regulatory environment; the need for cultural change; or the need to execute a planned divestment or business integration. Each of these are frequently catalysts for major transformational programmes. But the ability to fully deliver ideas and change is often where programmes fail.

Business Analysis

Glue Reply is passionate about creating value add solutions

Even when a business is doing great, there’s always a way that technology can make it better. Glue Replys' specialists analyse the clients' company and identify where software and other technology can make improvements – both to the day-to-day running and their bottom line.

Business Improvement

Glue Reply is passionate about enabling industry leading performance

Organisations that combine the right operating model with superior execution are winners - in good times and bad. Superior execution is becoming an increasingly critical differentiator between those that thrive and merely survive. Glue Reply's Business Improvement Consultants help its clients identify problems, needs, and opportunities for improvement at all levels of an organisation.

Change Management

Glue Reply is passionate about the people agenda of business change

Change in organisations is no longer an occasional occurrence, but rather a continuous and constant state – and it must be carefully managed. Impose a change too early, and its ability to last will be obstructed. Change cannot be forced on to an organisation or its end users before they are ready… and attempting to do so reduces the chances of success.

Examples of our work


In today's world, organisations face a myriad of challenges among them being efficient utilisation of resources whilst juggling with budget constraints. To overcome this the concept of Hybrid Roles takes centre stage allowing for agility, adaptability, and diversified approach to tackle modern problems.


Shifting from Project to Product Centricity

The shift from traditional project-based methods to product-centricity empowers organisations to thrive in dynamic, competitive markets. By prioritising continuous product development aligned with customer needs, businesses foster innovation, adaptability, and higher customer satisfaction. This strategic pivot enables prompt responses to market shifts, ensuring sustained success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Shifting from Project to Product Centricity 0


News & Communication

Glue Reply achieves Platinum status from BCS

Glue is delighted to announce it has received the highly coveted Platinum Approved Partner award from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. BCS is the only organisation able to award IT professional accreditation in the UK through their Royal Charter and its agenda is to lead the IT industry through its ethical challenges, support the people who work in the industry, and make IT exceptional for society.

Glue Reply achieves Platinum status from BCS 0

White Paper

Technology choices of the past cast a long shadow over sustainability in the future

Sustainability has become a de-facto key topic in today’s society. Individuals, corporates and the government alike are waking up to the fact that we must set a trajectory towards a sustainable future.

Business Planning



Given the rapid pace of ongoing change, it’s tempting to downplay the importance of long-term planning – but the reality is that to survive and flourish in todays dynamic environment requires the whole of your organisation to be guided towards a common target by a purposeful and well thought through plan.




Organisations that combine the right operating model with superior execution are winners - in good times and bad. It is no surprise then that superior execution is becoming an increasingly critical differentiator between those that thrive and merely survive.

Business Change



Despite years of cost cutting, the ability to optimise costs remains a relatively immature capability across many organisations. Rather than a planned strategic intervention, most cost reduction initiatives continue to be driven by short term managerial or market needs.

Business Capabilities

White Paper

Business Capabilities and Business Services Lessons Learned

Over the last 10 years a strong driver for the development of Enterprise Architecture has been to align organisations around a common set of capabilities and outcomes. This has often been driven through the use of Business Capability based planning techniques, a methodology Glue Reply has been heavily involved in since its’ inception.




Fuelled by digitisation and technology innovation, customer expectations continue to grow, driving a near constant need for change. In todays world, the effectiveness and agility of your operating model has a significant impact on the extent to which your organisation thrives – or merely survives.

Glue Reply’s project with the Home Office shortlisted as a finalist in the UK IT Industry awards

Glue Reply has been shortlisted under the category of ‘Best Security, Defence or Law Enforcement IT Project of the Year’. The recognition is to be awarded to a security, defence or law enforcement organisation for the most outstanding IT project.