The Scenario

Cornwall council, the largest unitary authority in England, faces a range of complex and unique challenges in its endeavour to provide services to over 550,000 residents. Of primary importance is Cornwall’s IT capability, which for many years has been outsourced, leading to underinvestment and underutilisation for both employees and residents alike. After attaining additional local government powers and insourcing its IT capability, it was essential for Cornwall Council to redress these issues and make significant inroads into its modernisation.

The Solution

Cornwall Council’s digital ambitions are beyond those of many other local authorities. To fulfill these ambitions and drive change, Glue Reply sought out to construct a modern, digitally-enabled organisation with technology at its heart. Using Glue Reply’s extensive experience and expertise, an enterprise architecture capability was established to facilitate a digital and customer-centric IT transformation.

A key goal of the ongoing partnership is to ensure that both Cornwall Council’s capability as well as the competence of individuals is developed. Now, much of the engagement is focused on utilizing Glue Reply’s extensive industry expertise to guide and challenge thinking, support key decisions and ensure Cornwall Council are thinking about the right things. Cornwall Council also benefits from Glue Reply’s extensive experience in other industries, helping introduce new ideas and inspire innovation.

Customer Feedback

“Glue Reply has been one of our most important partners in helping us with our architecture competence, technology competence, and helping us be able to engage effectively with our organisation beyond the boundaries of technology. The help and support has been invaluable to us and we have built a strong ongoing working relationship.”

Marcus Cosway, Enterprise Architect, Cornwall Council

“I believe we picked the right organisation to partner with to help us develop Enterprise Architecture. I see this capability as pivotal to driving a digital transformation agenda with the business successfully. Glue Reply has brought all the key characteristics I like to see in a partner and has never wavered from doing the right things for Cornwall Council”

Ian Robinson, CIO, Cornwall Council

Digital transformation

Early on in the engagement, Glue Reply supported Cornwall Council in defining the purpose and objectives of the architecture capability and the services it should provide through the development of a Charter/Terms of Reference.

At an execution level, Glue Reply has also assisted in the development of standards around solution architecture, has helped introduce an iPaaS/integration technology and associated competence, as well as supporting a Data and Business Intelligence Initiative through to fruition as Cornwall Council’s architecture partner.

Business Capability Model

An early activity was the collaborative development of a business capability. This has underpinned enterprise architecture as one of the most important enterprise artefacts in the organisation. The business capability model has been used for many different purposes and has been particularly well adopted to engage the many services lines within the Council. Glue Reply also mapped the statutory duties of Cornwall Council onto the business capability model.

Application Catalogue

An application catalogue was developed and mapped back to the business capability model. This for the first time gave a clear view of overlaps and duplication within the application estate, highlighted missing technologies to meet strategies and defined the lifecycle for each application in the estate.

The application catalogue has had a substantial impact in helping inform Cornwall Council’s cloud strategy.

Customer-centric design

Cornwall Council has recently been planning the next stage in their ongoing digital transformation, with a strong focus on improving customer experience.

Glue Reply has helped significantly in supporting the planning of this transformation through the development of key enterprise architecture artefacts. Glue Reply commissioned one of its sister-companies Avvio Reply to develop a rich picture as a way of communicating the required transformation and engaging the organisation on their journey towards their digital vision.

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  • Cornwall Council

    Cornwall Council is the largest Unitary Authority in England with a population of over 550,000 residents. It was created on 1 April 2009 by merging Cornwall County Council and the six borough and district councils in Cornwall - Caradon, Carrick, Kerrier, North Cornwall, Restormel and Penwith. It is the biggest employer in Cornwall and is responsible for a budget of more than £1 billion every year. Having a single council gives Cornwall a strong and united voice when dealing with national government, regional agencies and partner organisations. Through the Cities and Local Devolution Act 2016 Cornwall was given more power, devolving areas such as housing, transport, planning and policing powers to them.

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