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Harness the power of your telemetry data and benefit from extensive insights across industries with Data Reply.
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Valuable insights

In today's data-driven world, telemetry data is a game-changer for businesses across all industries. By remotely collecting and analyzing real-time data from equipment and systems, companies gain valuable insights that can optimize operations, improve efficiency, and predict potential issues. This translates to significant cost savings, increased productivity, and a stronger competitive edge.

Exploit the full potential of your data

At Data Reply, we understand the importance of harnessing the power of telemetry data quickly. That's why we've developed a cutting-edge telemetry data accelerator. This innovative solution transforms real-time data into strategic assets, driving performance improvements and a decisive competitive edge. It’s modular design allows your team to quickly develop a customized platform for the collection, processing and visualization of any type of IoT data. It can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of any industry. Thanks to the standardized and proven approach, your time-to-market will be significantly reduced, allowing you to benefit from the possibilities of telemetry data faster than ever before.

The benefits of our telemetry data accelerator at a glance

By utilizing our sophisticated telemetry accelerator, you can address critical needs in data-driven decision-making and performance optimization. It enables:

Behind the scenes: How it works in detail

In the following, we would like to show you a small practical example to understand how our telemetry data accelerator works. It showcases how our solution analyzes telemetry data from a Formula 1 racing game to understand car performance. The data used in this case comes from the F1 2022 game and the accelerator provides both real-time dashboard/data visualization and persistent storage with the ability to perform historical queries and analysis.

The data originates from the F1 2022 game running on a PS4. A lightweight TypeScript application captures this data stream over a local network port, converting it from binary format to a more manageable JSON format. This data is then forwarded to an MQTT proxy.

The MQTT proxy, a component of the Confluent Platform, receives the JSON data and relays it to a Kafka cluster hosted on Confluent Cloud. Here, a powerful tool called ksqlDB steps in. It transforms the data into a more efficient AVRO format and extracts any nested data structures, ensuring optimal processing and analysis.

The data flow then diverges into two distinct paths:

  • Real-Time Visualization: Telegraf, a data collection framework, consumes the raw JSON data and routes it to two destinations. A targeted subset of data is sent directly to Grafana via WebSocket for real-time visualization. This allows for immediate insights into key performance metrics.
  • Historical Storage and Exploration: InfluxDB receives the complete data set, enabling near real-time access along with the potential for further processing and aggregation. Grafana leverages InfluxDB as a data source, allowing for the creation of customized dashboards for in-depth historical analysis.

For long-term storage and advanced analytics, a Redshift sink connector running on Confluent Cloud seamlessly transfers the AVRO data to an Amazon Redshift data warehouse. This robust platform enables complex queries and comprehensive historical analysis using Superset, a powerful business intelligence tool.

Keycloak, a centralized authentication and authorization service, safeguards the entire data pipeline, ensuring authorized access and data security.

Rely on our cutting-edge telemetry data accelerator and get the most out of your data.

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