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UK-based &Facts, chooses Data Reply to implement the next-generation of tools for their customer, primary e-Commerce and Direct to Customer brands, to communicate better and faster with their customer and to gain a steady competitive advantage on the competition.

Executive Summary

"Recognising the complexities of scaling GenAI, we sought a partnership with Data Reply to augment our capabilities.
Their expertise was invaluable in model selection and cost optimisation , and their collaborative approach accelerated the development of POCs. Now, in synergy with Data Reply, we're moving from POCs to production, leveraging our real-time market data to enhance our consumer insights further."

Sohaib Ahmed, Founder, &facts

Our Approach

Data Reply implemented two solutions for the customer based on Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): a Generative AI-powered Newsletter Generator and a Product Description Generator; both solutions are built to automate and to speed up the direct-to-consumer brands.

The unique approach of Data Reply for Generative AI started with our signature workshop that assists the customers to explore the potential use cases of Generative AI and their benefits, to find the best one aligned with their business objectives and help them understand how LLMs can fit into their existing systems.

We helped the customer define the best model and to customize it according to their specific needs, tailoring it to achieve the desired outcomes and creating a scalable and resilient solution, after delivering an initial POC to evaluate the tangible benefits of this technology.

Leveraging the state-of-the-art AWS tools such as Amazon Sagemaker for application development and Amazon Bedrock for LLM API consumption, Data Reply created two solutions which allowed the customer to: Reduce from 10 hours to 40 seconds the creation of the Newsletter, while improving dramatically the user experience, personalizing the information based on the interests of the recipient, the reduction of the touchpoints for the customers increases the chances of success of the communication Improve the SEO conversion rate for their customers touchpoint

Overall, the solutions effectively address the initial challenges by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of product description generation and market trend analysis, leading to faster time-to-market, improved customer engagement, and insightful data-driven decision-making for D2C brands.

Data Reply is your go-to partner for Generative AI on AWS, we can help you in all the phases of the project, which can also include our recommendations for the optimization of the total cost of ownership, in order to optimize your cloud consumption.

Contact us to understand how we helped our customers gain a clear understanding of the financial commitment required and the value derived from the implementation of the Generative AI solution.

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Unlock the potential of Generative AI with Data Reply UK, the definitive experts in the field. Our experience and knowledge place us at the forefront of this technology, providing end-to-end solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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