Artificial Intelligence services for sustainability thanks to Data Reply expertise in innovative solutions able to optimize and increase the efficiency of the corporate processes.

Data Reply, always ahead in innovation, identified the Artificial Intelligence solutions as a valuable and reliable tool able to support his customer’s corporate processes. Working on data in an end-to-end matter, from their transformation up to the building of machine learning algorithms, we identified the main benefits and intervention points which could bring environmental and economical advantages to the subjects who adopt Artificial Intelligence technologies.

From data gathered on the production line to the optimization of company vehicles tracks, Artificial Intelligence applied to sustainability can be an effective actor into many companies’ ecological transition, showing in short time its applicability.

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How Artificial Intelligence can boost the achievement of a green Transition?

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    Thanks to Artificial Intelligence it is possible to optimize the energy consumption of factories, buildings and cities. Tools such as predictive maintenance and optimized consumption scheduling can reduce energy use, minimizing the environmental impact.


    The efficiency of industrial processes, combined with the prediction of production quality, reduces the use of the required resources. Optimizing these processes leads to a decrease in waste and a saving of resources both in environmental and economic terms thanks to the smaller quantity of material to be disposed of.

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    Is it possible to manage variability in production from renewable sources and fluctuations in demand through accurate forecasts, both for production and for demand. The forecast do not only take into consideration the consumption profiles, but also include various external and internal factors, such as the weather and characteristics of the production plants. Is also possible to apply a further optimization to the distribution network: monitoring and anticipating critical situations allows reducing inefficiencies, limiting stops and waste.


    The interactions between shipment dimensions, destinations and modes of transport are very complex. Artificial Intelligence allows you to optimize to improve the efficiency of the supply chain. Artificial Intelligence can make any process related to logistics more efficient, for example workforce optimization, public transport planning or optimization of traffic management.



Quantum Computing

Case Study

Quantum inspired algorithms for Enel

Data Reply has developed a quantum algorithm that allows you to quickly plan the maintenance work performed by units operating throughout Italy. The solution also makes the use of resources more efficient, thus reducing costs. This algorithm brings added value to Enel's business by supporting the multinational in its decision-making process, with a high impact on planned daily activities

Quantum inspired algorithms
for Enel

30.11.2021 - 02.12.2021 / Milano


Enlit Europe 2021

Data Reply participates in the “Enlit Europe” event. Participants have the opportunity to explore ideas, solutions and technologies designed to trigger and accelerate the energy transition, to turn towards an increasingly sustainable economy.

12.10.2021 / Milano


It’s all Energy & Utility 2021

Data Reply participates in "It’s all Energy & Utility", an event in which the protagonists of the Energy & Utility sector meet and discuss the opportunities, challenges and obstacles of the sector.

machine learning

Case Study

Guarantee the quality of the grinding process

Lavazza chose Amazon Web Services as its cloud platform and Reply, AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to support them in the adoption of machine learning models on AWS. Lavazza worked with Reply to design a product which could fit their needs to predict the results of the tests performed on the production line to guide their operator’s activities.

Guarantee the quality of the grinding process 0

12.10.2021 / Milano


It’s all CIO & technology 2021

Data Reply participates in “It’s all CIO & Technology”, an event dedicated to technological innovation and which represents an opportunity for discussion and networking for professionals engaged in updating business systems and processes.


News & Communication

Data Reply, Sense Reply and Storm Reply Achieve AWS Energy Competency Status

Reply announced today that its companies Data Reply, Sense Reply and Storm Reply have achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Energy Competency status.


News & Communication

Data Reply Achieves AWS Machine Learning ML Ops Competency Status

Data Reply, specialized in the design and implementation of advanced analytics and AI-powered data services, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Competency status in the new Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops) category.

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    Data Reply is the Reply group company offering a broad range of advanced analytics and AI-powered data services. We operate across different industries and business functions, enabling them to achieve meaningful outcomes through effective use of data. We have strong competences in Big Data Engineering, Data Science and IPA; we build Big Data platforms and implement ML and AI models in a manner that is repeatable, efficient, scalable, simple and yet secure. We supports companies in combinatorial optimization processes with Quantum Computing techniques that enable an engine with high computational performances.