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The identification and classification of car damages is a manual and costly process for any business to manage, incurring substantial operational and employee costs.

Given the tedious nature of this task, it is difficult to avoid human error, resulting in a significant impact on the bottom line in terms of missed potential revenue and risking customer retention. As a result, automating this process using our accelerator mitigates this problem.

Market trends suggest that customers are now demanding and expecting faster time-to-market, and a better-customised experience. Our accelerator offers a high level of flexibility allowing adaption to your use case respective to your business requirements.

Value Proposition

Opportunity with Data Reply and AWS

Data Reply is an AWS premier partner, working towards developing scalable solutions to accelerate time-to-market for our customers. Our team of AWS-centric Computer Vision experts have enabled the automation of Damage Recognition via images targeted towards companies that manage a fleet of vehicles like Car Rentals & Subscription providers, automotive insurance and logistic companies in improving productivity, reducing costs and enhancing customer experience. 

The preliminary component of our plug-and-play accelerator is an image quality check gate which is followed by a detection module identifying scratches, dents and stone chips with a confidence interval; with results visible through a dashboard with human-in-the-loop. The solution will be deployed in your own AWS infrastructure giving you complete visibility and control to tweak, modify and scale as per your own usage and business requirements. Our expert data scientists and data engineers will support embedding our accelerator into your workflow and enterprise tools, coupled with realising a long-term plan for increasing the capabilities and features within.

Benefits of our Offering

Our Approach

Data Reply works with our customers to shape and define the scope depending upon their specific needs and constraints. We identify the key KPIs our customers want to maximise or optimise. We work in an agile methodology to seed and deliver the scope and business value to our customers.

The journey starts with showcasing proof-of-value with our Car Damage Recognition accelerator via a time-boxed (6-8 weeks elapsed) approach followed by a long-term roadmap to enhance, industrialise and scale the solution realising the full benefits and business outcomes.

How It Works

Watch how our accelerator showcases the ease and speed with which you can identify and classify damages with your input image

Case Study

Car Damage Recognition & Reimbursement Estimation for Insurance

The client was looking for ways in which they can identify and correctly classify car damages to better estimate repair costs. With the help of our accelerator, our client saw business benefits such as improved customer experience, reduced costs from real-time reimbursement estimation and speed up of claims.

See below for the full story

Human machine interfaces

Best Practice

Assessing car damage with the use of Image Recognition

Data Reply has developed a framework based on Deep Learning techniques, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing capable of classifying input data, such as the photos taken by appraisers and the repair data recorded by car repair shops.

Assessing car damage with the use of Image Recognition 0

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