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Best Practice

Innovation & Alignment of your Strategic Portfolios

Many companies are carrying out strategies of innovation and efficiency of the operating processes for the management of their core business. Our approach is connected to a strong revision, standardization and formalization of such processes and their alignment and integration through a unique tool: ServiceNow.

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ServiceNow Platform Enhancement

Case Study

AMS and application development on ServiceNow platform

Atlas Reply Roma supports the Energy Operator to manage application maintenance and development, testing and delivery activities on the ServiceNow platform for all those applications of competence, and the proposition of new solutions and improvements.

AMS and application development on ServiceNow platform 0

Robotic Process Automation

Best Practice

IT process automation

In many companies IT processes have been so long burdened with time-consuming, routine based, repetitive activities that misuse human resources and lack of auditability. Atlas Reply is able to promote, streamline and speed up such processes, leveraging the power of the Cloud and RPA.


Best Practice

Feel Good With Application Service Factory

When it comes to software development, you’ve already moved from waterfall approaches to more modern and DevOps-based approaches. But an even more mature approach to software development is the Application Service Factory (ASF). With our customers we’re already working together in this manner.
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Database Management

Case Study

PostgreSQL Database Support

Atlas Reply Roma supports a big Italian Bank Operator to manage and mantain PostgreSQL database infrastructure, strategic for the provision of some main services.

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