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More efficiency in the field sales team
with automated route planning


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Prioritizing customer visits

In the fast-moving consumer goods industry, the field service is a decisive factor for the sales success of a consumer goods manufacturer. Sales reps spend a lot of their time in the car on the way to the customer or at the customer's premises. Selecting the customers to visit and planning the routes to get there is time-consuming and involves a lot of effort. If sales reps plan their visits rather intuitively, this can lead to customers with a low sales potential being targeted and unnecessary expenses being incurred. Maintaining an objective overview of which customers should be prioritized in line with the manufacturer's sales targets is anything but easy.

Fully exploit sales potential

To increase field service efficiency, reduce costs and minimize idle time, 4brands Reply developed the flexible tour planner Reply Routes, which optimizes and automates regular visit planning. Field service tours are dynamically adapted to constantly changing conditions and customer visits are prioritized according to priority and probability of success. Key visit criteria such as customer classifications, Perfect Store KPIs, upcoming promotions or visit rhythms are continuously taken into account. True to the motto "Make My Day!", with Reply Routes the right customers can be reached at the right time - with a lot less planning effort. This allows sales potential to be fully exploited. The solution can be integrated into different CRM systems and can be used on various devices. In addition to time on the road, significant CO2 emissions are saved and the ecological footprint is reduced.

The content at a glance

  • Automated instead of manual: System support for optimal visit planning
  • The added value of tour optimization: Dynamic prioritization of visit targets
  • Conclusion: With Reply Routes, inefficient route planning in the field service belongs to the past

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    4brands Reply specializes in the consumer goods industry and supports companies in the design of their individual digital transformation processes with innovative IT technologies. 4brands Reply's approach focuses on the consumer with his Customer Journey, which covers the entire value chain of the company. The offer includes process consulting and system integration for the core areas of Customer Experience Management, Revenue Growth Management, management of Demand-driven Supply Chains, Enterprise Management and management of a Digital Data Platform.