TECMA: Real Estate Digital Transformation thanks to the Business Software Suite

Company Profile - TECMA

Tecma Solutions is a tech company operating in the real estate sector, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.

TECMA focuses on Digital Transformation to provide technological solutions for enhancing real estate projects, simplifying sales transactions and property management.

TECMA uses a combination of art, neuromarketing, and proprietary technologies to develop and create new products aimed at the success of real estate investments.


The process of selling real estate assets is generally characterized by a complex set of activities and decisions that involve property sales and are mostly managed "on paper" by real estate agents.

Unlike other sectors such as retail or automotive, which have adopted advanced digital sales processes, the needs of the buyers are not at the center of the process.

TECMA is bridging this digital gap through innovative products and new business models for the digital transformation of the real estate industry with the Business Software Suite (BSS).

What is the Business Software Suite

TECMA’s Business Software Suite provides specific and dedicated tools for the complete management of a real estate project lifecycle, supporting Real Estate Developers, Agents, and End Customers. It offers tools for Lead Generation, e-Commerce, Big Data, Sales Software, Home Configurator, and Sales Management. The Suite is designed to provide a 360-degree experience in the real estate sector, from virtual apartment tours to big data analysis through artificial intelligence algorithms, all the way to e-shop and sales management.

The Customer Journey

At the core of the entire lifecycle of a real estate project is the Customer Journey. Each tool within the BSS is designed to address specific needs in order to provide value to the end customer and streamline sales management throughout the entire selection and purchase process:

  • First Engagement: A tool that supports the discovery of the real estate project and facilitates initial contact activities;
  • Emotional Hook: A tool that supports the phase of discovery and in-depth exploration of the identified real estate project;
  • Quotation Process & Personal Area: A tool that supports the configuration phase and evaluation of the identified solution;
  • Purchase Process: A tool that supports and enables the possibility of making purchase transactions;
  • Post Sales Care: A tool that guides the buyer in the choices and customizations that follow the act of purchasing a home.

It effectively represents the initial contact with the customer. This can occur online through social media campaigns or, in general, through a support that directs to the landing page of the project. It is crucial, in this phase, to promote and simplify the relationship between the customer and the seller: to this end, the provided tools allow for scheduling appointments by directly viewing the schedules of the sellers, streamlining the process and improving efficiency for all parties.

During the project discovery phase, the goal is to represent, as realistically as possible, what will become the buyer's living solution. The tools supporting this need aim to gather and make easily accessible and navigable various digital assets to accurately represent the properties: high-resolution images and videos, brochures, and Virtual Reality-based solutions are prepared to make the experience more immersive.

Similar to what occurs in other commercial sectors, the tools supporting this phase of the Customer Journey aim to assist the customer in configuring the solution to evaluate different options. Depending on the real estate projects, it's possible to utilize 3D web interfaces that allow customers to interact, in an immersive manner, with a virtual layout of the property. The configuration process can be done in a self-service mode or with the assistance of a sales representative and leads to the generation of a quote.

Through a personal area, the customer can access any time to all the information about the property of interest, any generated quote, and subsequently, the status of the purchase of the selected apartment.

In perfect e-commerce style, from the reserved area and with complete autonomy, the customer can choose to finalize the purchase proposal for the property unit thanks to the possibility of making an online payment.

The Customer Journey continues after the purchase of the property unit with post-sales service. Thanks to tools based on immersive technologies that make the activity simple and intuitive, the buyer is guided in choosing stylistic solutions for the interior spaces (such as styles, finishes, lights, etc.). In this case as well, the accuracy in presenting the choices made is exceptionally high with the aim of providing an incredibly realistic representation of what the final real estate solution will be.

Technical Architecture

The TECMA BSS platform is based on a microservices architecture (*reference to a specific article), and it is offered to customers through a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. In this service model, TECMA provides its customers with a suite of ready-to-use tools that enable the efficient and effective management of the real estate sales process.

More specifically, the TECMA platform leverages Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as its primary Cloud Provider.

Advantages and Architectural Features of TECMA BSS

Each service in TECMA BSS has been designed to provide specific sets of features that cover the customer journey.

The tools are continuously evolving, and each of them requires specific adjustments to ensure high reliability and service quality. The choice to use a microservices architecture is essential to fully achieve these objectives and enable the adoption of an approach based on incremental releases. Below are the main benefits of the architecture and technical solutions adopted.

  • Modularity: the modularity of the solution ensures efficient integration of new features and greater flexibility in updating individual services;
  • Scalability and resilience: modularity promotes platform scalability and resilience by allowing targeted resource allocation based on the needs of different services. Furthermore, in case of failures or malfunctions, the system can continue to operate correctly thanks to the presence of replicated services ready to take the place of those that are unavailable;
  • Rapid Deployment and Continuous Delivery: the adoption of DevOps principles allows for the use of automation that reduces the time required for releasing and updating features, ensuring a high level of reliability in the delivery process;
  • Integration Flexibility: the platform allows for services to be integrated using the most suitable technology for the client's needs and the context (technological polyglotism). The integration of new features can be enabled at any point in the Customer Journey seamlessly, thanks to the modularity principles mentioned earlier;
  • Logging & Monitoring: customized administrative dashboards, tailored to specific needs, enable the monitoring of key metrics to ensure an adequate level of service and prevent potential issues that could compromise campaigns;
  • Security-first design: the Security-first design approach within the microservices architecture is essential to ensure security at both the infrastructure and application levels. As a System Integrator, we adopt Security-first design practices, supported by advanced monitoring and logging tools and services, to safeguard data protection and regulate controlled access to services and resources.

TECMA & Technology Reply

The partnership between TECMA and Technology Reply for the development and evolution of TECMA BSS has been in place for several years and is based on four fundamental principles:

  1. Utilization of Cutting-Edge processes and tools: this includes the adoption of agile methodologies, the use of cutting-edge technologies, and the implementation of the best software development practices, in line with the features and functionalities offered by TECMA BSS;
  2. Continuous review and improvement of existing processes: this is achieved through feedback collection from platform users;
  3. Governance and workflows optimization: this is facilitated by the previously mentioned Agile methodology, allowing synchronization between development and business objectives;
  4. Focus on industrialization themes: making products scalable and suitable for industrialization, not only in Italy but also internationally;

These principles enable the maintenance of a consistently high level of quality in developments, addressing three fundamental pillars for TECMA:

  1. Failure analysis & prevention
  2. Velocity & industrialization
  3. Minimum Marketable Product (MMP)

Based on these principles, Technology Reply stands as the official System Integrator of the TECMA BSS platform. In its role as a System Integrator for the TECMA BSS platform, Technology Reply offers a wide range of services to enable and harness the full potential of the platform for client businesses.

With a business-driven approach, we work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and provide customized solutions. Leveraging our technical expertise, we can translate these needs into practical solutions that meet expectations. Our customer-oriented approach allows us to deliver tangible and valuable results, enabling the client to gain competitive advantages and achieve their business objectives.

Our integration services enable the connection of the TECMA BSS platform to existing legacy systems within the company, ensuring a seamless data flow and making the most of the platform's capabilities without expensive migrations or complete system replacements.

Technology Reply can cover specific and unique use cases, offering tailored development and customization to meet our clients' unique needs. Whether it's integrating with third-party systems, creating bespoke features, or adapting the platform for specific scenarios, our team of experts is committed to delivering tailored solutions that optimize the use of the TECMA BSS platform and enhance operational efficiency.

Technology Reply offers comprehensive support to enable companies to maximize the potential of the TECMA BSS platform, tailoring it to their specific needs and fully exploiting the opportunities available. We are committed to providing scalable, reliable, and business-oriented solutions to help our clients extract the maximum value from the platform and achieve their business objectives efficiently and competitively.