Operational co-management console

A tool to optimize the management of financial advisors' clients


In 2021 Technology Reply developed (and continues to support its evolution process), for one of the main Italian direct banks, a platform for the management of new financial consultancy professionals recently introduced in the banking staff to offer its customers an increasingly customized service in line with the needs of each one of them. This project introduced a new operating model that consider the client as the central figure around whom all operations revolve, regardless of who the main consultant is. At first, the customer had as the only point of reference within the bank its financial advisor, now there will be new figures who can assist customers more efficiently.

An operating console has therefore been introduced, which represents the interface from which the owner financial advisor and the Backoffice operators can manage the selection of clients to be co-managed with the new figures, defined Banker Consultant.

Through the operating console, the financial advisor can:

  • Choose his customers to include in a new co-management agreement;
  • Monitor the processing status of a new co-management contract;
  • View and manage existing co-management contracts;
  • Production of documentation and reporting related to existing co-management contracts.

Backoffice operators, on the other hand, can:

  • Approve/reject the client list for a new contract;
  • Approve/reject changes to the client list of existing contracts;
  • Manage the renewal or termination of an expiring contract.

Finally, all the figures involved in the new process will be able to access the historical functions to:

  • Check the history of changes made to the existing co-management;
  • Download documents on the status of the agreement on a date;
  • Initiate contract signing stages.

thus, allowing a high level of automation in the customer co-management process, minimizing manual operations between internal bank offices.


Technology Reply oversaw all aspects of the project, from the creation of the new platform to its integration with all the services offered by the Bank, to post go-live support also continues to follow the evolutionary aspects of the platform, to incorporate the new functionalities required by the groups involved.

The project, in some of its components, was the first to take advantage of the new architecture introduced by the bank, which has among its main key points the use of frameworks that represent some of the de facto standards for the development of enterprise systems, such as Vue.js for the frontend components and Spring Boot for the realization of backend services.


The operating console is a tool that is highly integrated with the other bank systems and aims to become the single point of access for all figures in the banking organization chart for the management of co-management contracts. The use of the new architecture put in place will allow the bank, with Technology Reply's support and expertise, to make use of IT tools based on software, architectures, and paradigms in step with the times, capable of responding to the new requirements for reducing time to market on new initiatives and for greater resilience on core applications for business development. Integrations with Oracle products, to which the main activities of persistence and data management continue to be delegated, remain fundamental.