ICT Dashboard

Technology Reply developed for an important company in the Automotive industry a Business Intelligence solution in order to facilitate the business process monitoring for the Information & Communication Technology department

The business teams needed to have a detailed and strategic dashboard to allow the ICT top managers (CIO and first business levels) to monitor data and information coming from multiple sources, with the aim of having full control, through a single point of access, over the activities performance, contracts spending and the ICT area overall. In particular:

  • ICT applications times and costs
  • Internal ticketing system data analysis
  • Suppliers and eployees
  • Department Capex & Opex
  • Spending and budget


The solution proposed by Technology Reply included the development of a backend and a frontend cores.

Different ETL procedures and a Data Quality process have been realized on the backend side. Thanks to that, heterogeneous and fragmented data, coming from different data sources, have been integrated. Data have been cleaned up, normalized, filtered and reorganized in order to make them homogeneous and transform them into a proper storage format/structure for the business intelligence analysis. Data flows have been stored into data structures within the Corporate Data Warehouse, a cloud and distributed Database.

Regarding the front-end side, some mockups have been proposed to the business users in order to share and define the final layout. After the official approval, the final application have been developed on Qlik Sense analytics platform.

The design and the implementation activities for the data warehouse structures and the application involve:

  • The acquisition of information assets from heterogeneous source systems using a market leader ETL tool.
  • The modelling of the various levels of data acquisition, processing, logging and presentation to provide the best possible configuration to the front-end system.
  • The implementation of ETL processes and ad hoc structures capable of supporting front-end solutions focused on flexible and interactive reporting and self-service analysis.
  • The users profiling in order to access data based on the different business users’ areas of competence.
  • The user experience improvement, through the creation of the dashboard that facilitates access to company information assets in a rapid and intuitive manner.


• The developed application is responsive and mobile oriented: it allows you to browse easily through the different reports and pages having the ICT big amount of data just a click away.

• It can be reused in different context, regardless the industry. It tracks data and KPIs common to all IT departments.

• It is strategic: it provides the quickest overview that decision makers need to monitor the health and opportunities of the business.

• It offers a user-friendly interface that facilitates analysis of data correlations: through the drill down functionality you can navigate to lower-level data and access to additional information on the managed applications.