Business Analytics Service Maintenance

Thanks to the experience in multiple enterprise contexts, both on premise and in the cloud, Technology Reply is able to offer end-to-end application and infrastructure maintenance services, with skills and specializations on different technologies, including Oracle, Qlik, VMware Pivotal Greenplum.

Service Maintenance for Data Lake and Analytics

The speed of digital transformation, the significant increase in the number and type of applications that facilitate business activities, require promptness and ability in resolving issues that can affect mission critical processes.

In a scenario like that, Technology Reply is able to provide dedicated teams to support the Business Analytics area, for all Business Intelligence activities, ready to take charge and promptly resolve requests with 24/7 support.

Not only Maintenance

One of the fundamental "ingredients" of our Application and Infrastructure Maintenance service is the presence of a team of professionals with technical and functional skills, able to provide assistance in case of need and to support users through the complete management of critical infrastructures.

Our peculiarity is the provision of structured services strongly inspired by ITIL best practices, the use of this methodology allows, in fact, the Technology Reply team to organize activities according to the adoption of highly process-oriented, traceable, repeatable and verifiable operating procedures.

The traditional metrics for controlling the operation of applications through availability, capacity and performance indicators, useful in order to minimize downtime and keep them always efficient, are combined with a support service that allows to improve availability, the ease of use and user interaction with the use of Business Intelligence applications.

Further characterizing factors of Technology Reply, in the provision of maintenance services, are to be found in the ability to offer a high level of technological innovation combined with the high distinctive rate of methodological, technical and functional preparation of its resources.

The Technology Reply team offers vertical support from applications to infrastructure, dealing with maintenance in the world of analytics, through the resolution of a large number of tickets per year, of various types such as requests for operational support, incidents and application deployments.

The proven and in-depth knowledge of the technological capabilities, the full mastery of the processes and application platforms, allow the Technology Reply team to focus on fundamental elements of the service such as continuous improvement, monitoring, resolution of anomalies and proactive preventive maintenance.

The main processes guaranteed for Application and Infrastructure Management are:

  • Resolution of anomalies that introduce a disturbance in the normal work flow;
  • Management of user requests, through customer support and assistance on issues related to the Business Analytics Area;
  • Management of root cause analysis processes in case of recurring anomalies, with high impact or for non-functional problems (performance, safety, availability, etc);
  • Procedural and planned management of requests for changes to applications in the field and of certification and quality assurance processes;
  • Management of service levels in harmony with the agreed SLAs and KPIs;
  • Management of the information content of the service, through the creation and maintenance of documentation and the use of specific information systems;
  • Constant monitoring of the platform, both on the application and infrastructure components.

The engagement of the team of specialists can take place through the adoption of a trouble ticketing system used for:

  • Correctly classify requests based on their scope and allow them to follow their evolutionary process, ensuring transparency and speed in communications;
  • Monitor and manage trends over time so as to allow the definition of a forecast curve of requests both in terms of volume and technical-functional characteristics;
  • Analyze the different types of tickets and proceed with their classification in order to intercept cases of repetitive anomalies and introduce automatic procedures for the resolution of tickets.

Maintenance Team

  • Service Manager: responsible for the management of the Application Management Service, responsible for all the control and coordination of resources, the management of intervention activities and the related assignment to the operational team.
  • Service Desk Specialists: they have skills in the business processes covered by the service, are autonomous in the diagnosis and routing of reports and are experts in the application of diagnostic checklists and standard solution procedures, with expertise on the operational processes of Service Operation. They deal with managing the customer's requests, taking charge of the reports according to the agreed SLAs, performing diagnosis of the problems and, where possible, the resolution of the same through standard procedures.
  • Technical / Functional Focal Point: technical and functional reference for the entire operational team. It is able to support the customer in carrying out functional analyzes also in relation to evolutionary activities. It is responsible for monitoring the progress of activities, verifying the quality of the deliverables and compliance with the agreed SLAs;
  • Professional Analyst Developer: responsible for the development and control activities of the developer team. It is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the progress of operational activities relating to the execution of tests and developments;
  • Developers: are responsible for developing application specific functionality, running units and system tests;
  • Testers: is the reference team assigned the responsibility of defining, executing and checking the tests on the functionalities subject to intervention. They verify the completeness and correctness of the test scenarios and monitor the complete application of the expected test plan.