To hedge a competitive market is like running away from bears, impossible isn’t it? But that is not the point! The point is, with the Appian Low Code Platform, Technology Reply can help you running faster than others.


The digital era brings changes and innovation, and it solves common problems involving:

  • paper managed business processes
  • complex and ineffective data management
  • difficult allocation of company resources

Clients want to build personalised solutions, starting up an idea and develop it at runtime. They want constantly to be ready for new business requirements, enhancements and updates.

The Appian Revolution

Thanks to a modern and sophisticated Low Code platform, Appian allows to focus only on the functional behaviour, achieving early tangible results, transforming ideas into solutions in days.

Technology Reply will centralize your business logic and your master data, in new digital platforms, providing 100% transparent integrations with your current solutions, in a fast and flexible way, hiding all the technical complexity.

Appian naturally fits into multiple application scenarios:

  • digitalisation of complex workflows by means of robust and flexible BPMs
  • record centric data orchestration over multiple master data
  • monitoring and reporting of business activities
  • data inspection and decision-making automation
  • self-contained master data management
  • customisable data exporting

Just crumbs of the Appian unique selling proposition.

The limitations of a Traditional Approach

A Traditional solution is a must for many applications, that notwithstanding in many business scenarios, original and alternative solutions often prove to be more cost-effective and more performant. More and more often, our clients ask for quick and agile solutions, however the traditional approach requires high investments and dilated development times, leading to increased fixed costs and project risks. As a result, the cost-benefit analysis is frequently a complex step to overcome. Although traditional software are developed in agile methodologies, due to the high architectural complexity, we often end up being slave of many constraints:

  • difficulty on setting up sprint reviews ahead of time
  • unpleasant misalignments between developers and business
  • high necessary resources to reach tangible results
As a consequence, clients have to bear high project fixed costs, dilated time-to-market and time-to-breakeven and a poor ROI.


  • Result oriented

    Tangible business solution achievable with a 5x to 10x development speed-up, early sprint reviews and lower project fixed costs

  • Business oriented

    Enhanced team reactivity, improved capability of designing enhancements based on continuous Business feedbacks

  • Easy maintenance

    Maintenance costs reduced by 50% thanks to high focus on functionalities and PAAS business strategy

  • System integration

    Transparent integration with 100% coverage into your current solution

  • Sketch support

    Drag and drop tools allow developers to design functional components, avoiding the need of mock-ups

Our Appian Team

Changes and innovation can be a risky asset, but you’re not alone in this challenge. Technology Reply will guide you into it. Thanks to a great team of Appian professional figures, Technology Reply can help you innovating your business with the Appian Low Code platform. Several companies have already jumped into the low code world. Technology Reply has guided them in their business management processes innovation. We have brought the Appian mind-set into several different sectors (fintech, energy and commodities, gaming, software sectors, etc.).

Our Appian team helps clients in three main activities:

  • Project Manager/ Scrum Master: ensure all the activities follow the Reply principles, ensuring the solution efficiency and transforming runtime business requirements into platform enhancements
  • Functional Analyst/ Product Owner: help clients to transform the required business functional behaviour into user stories, which could be easily mapped into technical agile sprints. Thanks to their expertise, they can provide insights on new functionalities, working hand on hand with the client business team
  • Professional Appian Developers: help clients to transform the required business functionality in a working scalable application, ensuring technical robustness and flexibility